Is Swarajyamag another leftist attempt to infiltrate Indian RW?

Discussion in 'Politics & Society' started by Sakal Gharelu Ustad, Oct 12, 2015.

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    I see more and more articles on Swarajyamag peddling old left wing historical facts. Although the magazine still raises economics issues from a right-wing perspective, but on cultural issues it seems to toe the old line.

    The latest article:

    For example:

    "Separately, we are getting curious statistical evidence that the Japanese are growing taller. A few generations of eating red meat has apparently resulted in this. Now we have something new to worry about. If we want to produce tall fast bowlers (and don’t we desperately need them?), perhaps red meat is the way to go."

    Now the question- is it the red meat or general increase in healthy nutrition that has led to increase in height? Arguments like these show the hypocrisy and pseudo intellect of the author.

    Apparently, Jerry sits on the board of Swarajyamag. Does it mean premature death of another potential RW media house in India?
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    The japanese may have gotton taller due to sexual liberation of their women... :lol:
    Now on topic ... fuck this guy ... he is a corporate....left wing on the outside and right wing inside.... the editorial team disappointed though .... maybe a financial crunch
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