Is China wrong?

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    Filipino maritime expert digs up proof of Manila’s century-long jurisdiction over Scarborough Shoal
    Exclusive by Raïssa Robles

    A Filipino maritime law expert has dug up a 1916 Philippine Supreme Court decision which shows Manila – not China – has had actual legal and maritime jurisdiction over Scarborough Shoal for at least a century.
    In contrast, China imposed its legal jurisdiction over Scarborough Shoal only this week by creating a law-making body to enact laws over Sansha City, which now includes Scarborough Shoal or Huangyan Island. China started imposing its maritime jurisdiction over Huangyan this year when it asserted the rights of its fishermen to fish in and around Huangyan.
    Dr. Jay Batongbacal, a University of the Philippines law professor, told me that the lawsuit decided by the Philippines’ top court in 1916 – led by Filipino Chief Justice Cayetano Arellano – “is clear evidence that we were exercising jurisdiction over the shoal and incidents on it during the American colonial period” in the Philippines.”
    “This case is proof we are the ones responsible when it comes to shipwrecks on Scarborough,” he said.

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    raissa robles | Is China wrong?
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    China is not wrong because it has no choice. China's government was trying to prove to its civilian that Communist is the best way to govern on China's land. There were already so many internal problems inside that the government must transfer them to the outside. Sorry for ASEAN, they are just victims of China's government.
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    well i'm sure other countres such as vietnam/china has influence, records on SCS too if they dig into their history records. so there is no clear defination as to whom should own the island since all party has some record on it. if the shoal was inhabited for decades by phillippine then they have more rights on the shoal.

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