Iraq War Vet Brendan Marrocco Gets Double Arm Transplant

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    US Iraq War Vet Brendan Marrocco Receives Double Arm Transplant - ABC News

    A team of surgeons at Johns Hopkins Hospital has performed the hospital's first successful bilateral arm transplant -- giving two new arms to Brendan Marrocco, an Iraq war veteran.

    "I feel great. I'm doing a lot better now," said Marrocco, 26, during a news conference Tuesday of his recovery from last month's procedure. "It gives me a lot of hope for the future."

    Members of Marrocco's surgical team, led by Dr. W.P. Andrew Lee, provided details today in Baltimore on exactly how the doctors did the rare transplant and prevented Marrocco's body from rejecting the new limbs.

    "Six weeks ago today, a team of physicians and nurses helped restore the physical and psychological well-being of Brendan Marrocco, who lost both arms and legs serving our country nearly four years ago," said Lee. "Only six other [U.S. double hand or arm transplant] patients have been successful and Brendan's was the most extensive and complicated."

    Marrocco lost his arms and legs when his unit was struck by an explosive fired projectile outside Baghdad.

    When asked what his first reaction was after undergoing the 13-hour transplant surgery, Marrocco said, "I love you!"

    "I don't really remember my reaction, which is probably a good thing. I'm still alive and that really matters to me," said Marrocco. "I was just happy that the surgery was over and I had arms."

    Last September, Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston announced it would perform the nation's first double arm transplant. Katy Hayes lost both her arms above the elbow and her legs above her knees after a developing a flesh-eating bacteria infection while pregnant with her third child. Today, Hayes is able to speak to audiences and share her story.
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    soon to be Bengalistan
    Gr8 news, but what is it doing politics& society of india forum?

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