Iraq to Deploy Troops in North of Country to Avoid Turkish Military Operations

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    Iraq urges the Kurdish autonomy to
    approve the deployment of troops on
    the border with Turkey to prevent the
    Turkish troops' entering Iraq, as well
    as to stop air strikes on the country
    against the militants of Kurdistan
    Workers' Party, head of the Iraqi
    parliamentary security committee
    Iskander Witwit told Trend on

    Bad relations between Baghdad and
    the Kurdish autonomy hamper the
    central government to take more
    serious steps to prevent Turkish troops
    to conduct military operations in
    northern Iraq, he said.

    Witwit said that the Iraqi parliament
    is considering the issue of cancelling
    the agreement about the presence of
    Turkish troops in Iraq signed earlier
    between Turkey and Iraq.

    He added that the agreement is wrong
    as it threatens Iraq's sovereignty.
    Witwit added that many members of
    the Iraqi Parliament support the
    cancellation of the agreement between
    Turkey and Iraq, allowing Turkish
    troops to carry out air strikes in
    northern Iraq.

    "Turkey has recently started
    conducting a policy of intervention in
    the affairs of the regional countries,"
    he said. "This unjustified interference
    strongly influenced the relations
    between Iraq and Turkey and
    threatened their further

    Witwit stressed that Iraq had
    repeatedly warned Erdogan's
    government to refrain from
    interfering in Iraq's internal affairs,
    but in spite of this, Ankara continues
    interfering by trying to create chaos in
    the internal politics of the country.

    "Turkey is cooperating with some
    political forces in Iraq to destabilize
    the situation in the country," he said.
    "Ankara's ultimate goal is to split and
    destruct Iraq."
    He added that Turkey and Iraq must
    reconsider their relations.

    He stressed that Iraq stands for
    improving these relations if Ankara
    abandons its policy of interfering in
    the country's affairs.
    Earlier, the Turkish parliament
    approved the mandate on transborder
    operations against Syria as an answer
    to firing on Turkish Shanliurfa city by
    Syrian army.

    A military operation, to be conducted
    by Turkey in northern Iraq against
    militants of the terrorist Kurdistan
    Workers' Party is fully consistent with
    international law, a source in the
    Turkish government told Trend

    The conflict between Turkey and the
    PKK has lasted for over 25 years. The
    PKK is recognised as a terrorist
    organisation by both the UN and the

    Iraq Intends to Deploy Troops in North of Country to Avoid Turkish Army’s Military Operations, 17 October 2012 Wednesday 11:52
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    Can this be seen as a support for Assad Syria from Shi'ites?

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