Iran’s Missiles will target Europe

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    Head of the Mossad, Ephraim Halevy, warned the NATO leadership: “North Korea is helping Iran develop long range missiles that can reach Europe and America”.

    Not only has Iran tried to join the nuclear power’s club. The Islamic race for nuclear weapons began in 1969 when Muammar Gaddafi tried to buy a nuclear bomb from Pakistan for 500 million dollars. During a meeting of scientists back then in Tripoli he said: “Whoever leads the inevitable Islamic war with the Western world in the 21st century will be those who possess an atomic bomb “. One major question remains unanswered. Has the U.S. learned how to deal with Iran from the lesson it learned in dealing with the elimination of the Libyan nuclear threat?

    There is a common practice applied by Israel’s Prime Minister to the country’s media-political arena, a practice by which he gives interviews during prime time so the public might be exposed to information regarding existential questions. Questions like how or what did we do last year, are things good or bad, as well as where are we heading as a nation in the foreseeable future? Interviews of this type are typically used by politicians as a stage show where they can display their ‘merchandise’. But what does that politician do if he has no merchandise to show? It turns out that the answer to his dilemma is simple as that politician knows the path of creating a terrifying scenario is always a good and effective means designed to demonstrate to his astonished audience that only he, the wise politician who sits on high, really knows how to deal with the existential storm that is about to occur.

    This method is not new and more than a few Prime Ministers have used it. The one who was most skilled in creating horror scenarios of this kind was Prime Minister Ariel Sharon. Thus, in a world already filled with news about the nuclear threat from Iran as well as the existence of an array of missiles carrying chemical warheads in Syria, Sharon decided that it was time to scare the people of Israel. Using an unusually severe statement Sharon declared, “Libya is working vigorously on developing a nuclear bomb and probably is the most advanced Arab country in this field”. In order to turn a normal threat into a terrible threat, Sharon added,” the Libyans are receiving help and using nuclear expertise from Iraq as well as receiving Science andTechnological support and assistance from Pakistan”.
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    Libya has eventually given up its quest for nuclear weapons.Gaddafi has seen the benefits what Libya can get from alliance with west and tried to join them even forgetting that they killed his daughter.he also gave up all the weapons of mass destruction to America

    In the end what happened to Gaddafi..The west betrayed him changing side with his opponents for control over Libyan oil killing him under the pretext of restoring democracy and eradicating nuclear weapon threat to world.

    all these events pushed Iran to make even more concrete steps to develop nuclear weapons because they knew its their turn next

    In my opinion Iran should have already developed more than 1 nuclear bomb and resources to make many.only thing is can they equip them to missiles
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    More worrisome is that they can be targeted on India too.

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