Iran shoots down American drone

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    You have fought Pakistan for decades, Pakistan is still capable of bleeding you heavily. It has been proved that war is no good solution to complicate problems.

    Taiwan issue and island dispute with Japan all come down to the rivalry between China and US, without America's support, the two won't stand a chance against China. Once Chinese growth reaches a certain stage, America will give up on supporting Taiwan and Japan.

    We are not cowards, we are just smart and calm, we don't let emotion cloud our judgement. Americans encourage Japan and Taiwan to provoke and humiliate China, hoping to disrupt Chinese focus on building strength, well they certainly underestimate Chinese wisdom.

    Island dispute with Japan is a small issue, Chinese coast guard has been sailing around the island for years, it is yet to decide which side actually controls the island.

    Taiwan doesn't dare to declare independence, its own constitution states Taiwan is part of China, which leaves China enough legitimacy to take it back once the China and America reaches a certain power balance.

    India can keep on provoking China like you did in 2017, but won't gain nothing. It seems that India won in the doklam standoff, for Indians got away with invading Chinese territory. But underneath the superficial humiliation, China has accomplished every agenda we have planned. China has been planning to build military infrastructures in that region for years but can't because in peaceful time it will be seen as a gesture of provocation to build military infrastructure so close to the border. the stand off offered PLA a precious opportunity to build roads, camps and other facilities that will give PLA enormous advantage in the future. And China never promised the road extends to Bhutan to be suspended for ever, as of now Chinese workers might have already finished that road. Who knows!

    The 1962 war was not to take back South Tibet, but to " teach India a lesson", to curb India's ambition over Tibet, all the goals have been reached. After the war, China is able to protect Tibet with deploying the least military forces along the border. While India, deeply traumatized by the defeat, has been investing heavily in its defence building, wasting precious resources which could be allocated to other sectors. And that trauma continues to affect India's policy making until today, rendering India unable to make sound decisions, especially when it comes to decisions related to military defence.
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    Why worry about American losses when China will be obliterated ....
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    China is the proverbial shithole of that region. You have mostly enemies, China can't withstand a gangbang.
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    Bullshit . USA doesn't humiliate Chian neither does Japan or Taiwan. Ccp humiliates china by treating its citizens like slaves. Xi humiliates china when he can't face a fair election.

    If 1962 was to teach India a lesson by a blindside Chinese failed miserably. Now Indian nuclear missile are locked at Beijing and Shanghai . Is this the lesson Mao hoped for.
    Also he killed million of Chinese too. Was that also a lesson to Chinese to behave like good Slaves. Seems like Chinese learned the lesson by accepting perpetual slavery.

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    The communist party is afraid of starting a war because the Chinese military will gain independence to take tactical and strategic decisions and would quickly see the fat explotive cccp Beijing bastards are useless leeches that need to be overthrown.

    Chinese warlordism is famous throughout history and if the Japanese didn't invade towards beijing and bring sinos together you'd still live under warlords and competing emperors.

    China today is like China just before ww2. You have a large economy and a "modernised" military and then you died in the millions in human wave attacks then gave up your freedom to china''s greatest warlord chairman Mao

    The only people the Chinese communist party will declare war on is Chinese citizens who dare oppose them like during the great leap forward and cultural revolution and tiananmen square massacre
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    Propaganda straight out of commie party.

    Everyone is out to get china right....!? So all Chinese must surrender their freedom to commie party right!?... They will protect you... Right...!?

    Don't worry, we will :devil:

    That's the problem of living under commie dictatorship, You never know anything.:rofl:

    If it wasn't for Mao's aggregation against India in 1962, India would've been like Malaysia or Philippines, just larger. India before 1962 war accepted Chinese hegemony in Asia. India at one point even considered to completely abolish military all together.

    However thanks to Chinese "teaching us a lesson" we have become a mighty power.

    Nukes, IRBMs, SLBMs, CMs, ACs, SSBNs, A-Sats, Spy-Sats, IRNSS, FBR and much much more. :biggrin2: Plus only nuclear navy outside P5 and world's 2nd largest land force. A P6 country in every aspect.:bounce:

    All thanks goes to Chinese . :pound:

    BTW, What China has achieved with its hostility towards India?

    More nukes pointed towards Beijing.

    A geopolitical rival in Asia.

    Constant fear of supply disruption in malacca strait.

    Permanent liability of a jihadist, bankrupt state; Pakistan :pound:

    If we objectively look at the history of China, Mao's rule has inflicted most damage to China both domestically and internationally in a way no foreign power could ever imagine. The ghosts of same policy is still haunting China's present and will continue to morph its future.

    Coming to the point of humiliation of India in 1962

    We Indians don't see 1962 as a defeat of India but rather a defeat of Nehruvian pacifist ideology.

    You see unlike Chinese who see Mao and his ideology above the nation, We don't see Nehru and Gandhi above the nation. We appreciate their contribution but they aren't before the Nation itself. In China Mao is seen as the founder of the nation. In India we have no founders, We existed before and we will continue to exist.

    Our leaders come and go, their ideologist come and go. They could be Successful or failed or humiliated but never the nation.

    Therefore the concept of entire nation being humiliated every now and then, propagated by some Chinese members is seen as comedy script by Indians.

    The real humiliation is when a tax paying citizen isn't even allowed to voice his opinion in his own country.

    Your entire nation is held hostage by a small group of gun wielding commies for a century. Is this bravery?

    Commies have destroyed your religion, your culture, your way of life, killed your people in millions and still your people hoist the banner of those commies.

    You want to teach us about courage? In a country where heroic death and reincarnation is taught from infancy.

    Even in the chains of British our men faced their martyrdom with a smile on their face. How many Chinese are willing to die to preserve their way of life from commies?

    You should also know that unlike China, Indian state doesn't have to convince its population regarding their supremacy to keep them in line. Our nationalism is organic and grassroot.

    The mindset of our people defines the Gov of India not the other way around.

    GDP numbers and fake nationalist propaganda doesn't bind a country together. It's religion and and basic freedoms that give rise to real grassroots nationalism which is completely lacking in China. In the event of economy heading south average Chinese will easily turn against their commie overlords.

    You are confusing Trauma from Anger.

    A traumatized society would just give up all hope and accept their overlords without question. Just like how your people have accepted commie dictatorship after being traumatized by their defeat from commie violence.

    After backstabbing of 1962 our people are very angry at China. Therefore there is a general consent on building our war fighting capabilities against untrustworthy Chinese. We are challenging China in every front. Putting roadblocks on every Chinese ambition (eg. BRI). Opposing China on every forum. This is anger.

    Here I fixed it for you...:pound:
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    The Republic of India
    In that case, your lapdog and your greatest liability Pakistan is also a poor judge of Indian abilities in PoK and you should not invest any dime there, building your roads using Chinese jail slaves. The pakis might have miscalculated our capability and assured you of protection. But be assured, we can bomb those infrastructures, when we feel the need to.
    India lost a war with China. Accepted. Then you should not be afraid of India, since history repeats itself so regularly, you must be pretty sure that in case of any conflict India will lose. But lo! All succeeding conflicts and face off and has resulted in utter losses for the Chinese and utter humiliation in front of the whole world. A great power like China could not even snatch a piece of land from a poor country like India. What a shame for the mighty dragon, the mighty army of the mighty eternal supreme leader Jinping.
    Unlike cowards who hide behind calculations, we choose our courage, valour and nationalism as shields. If one day calculation mandates you to capitulate, I am pretty certain you slaves will abandon all and surrender without even firing a bullet. All your nukes, sats and submarines amount to zero if you do not have the balls to use them. Which you obviously do not. You are like a bully who can only harass. When anyone stands up to you, you flee with your tail between your legs.

    People who were ensalved and used as comfort people by warriors from a small nation like Japan should not have the courage and audacity to comment on anyone's capabilities. If Japan were to remilitarizate, you Chinese would feel like a pup in front of an wolf.

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