Iran port role in India Afghan trade pact

Discussion in 'Foreign Relations' started by Ray, Feb 25, 2015.

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    This news will surely distress the Pakistani posters like @Neo who had postulated that Afghan President Ashraf Ghani will have little to do with India, and would fawn on Pakistan, unlike Karzai.

    In that thread, we had brought out how the Chahbahar port would play a role for trade to Afghanistan and CAR. That was also scoffed at by folks like @Neo.

    Well, it turns out that facts are stranger than the Pakistani fictional and delusional minds.

    Bilateral trade between Indian and Afghanistan will is now around $3 billion will leap to from $700-800 million.

    And what is most interesting and will be disheartening to the Pakistani posters is that Afghanistan is scouting for alternative routes bypassing Pakistan to open itself up to foreign investments.

    SAIL-led consortium's project to develop iron ore mines in Hajigak, and a study on the rail network that goes from the central part of Afghanistan to Chabahar has been conducted.

    The plain truth is that India can give technical, economic and scientific assistance to Afghanistan, but what can Pakistan give beyond expertise in terrorism?
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    Sir, also add the importance of soft power. India's assistance mission as well as culture enjoy a very good reputation that not even the US can match - let alone Pakistan.
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