Iran keen on gas pipeline but asks India to hurry

Discussion in 'West Asia & Africa' started by gokulakannan, Nov 18, 2009.

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    Iran keen on gas pipeline but asks India to hurry - Yahoo! India News

    "Iran has said that it is still keen for India to join the Iran-Pakistan-India gas pipeline project, but has hinted that New Delhi should hurry up and resolve matters as the 'structure' of the project can change in the future. Visiting Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki said work has already started in Iran to lay the pipeline as a bila-teral project with Pakistan, but the door is still open for India.

    Making it clear that India was welcome to join the project, Mottaki hinted that New Delhi should take a decision soon as Iran could enter into agreements with other countries in the region.

    He said that 100 km of the pipeline has already been put up in Iran and Pakistan has also started working on the project on its side of the border. "When you consider this pipeline bilaterally, there is a definite capacity involved. If we make commitments with other partners, with other pipelines, to other regions, in such a case maybe in the future the structure of the project may change. I do hope to have Indian participation as soon as possible," Mottaki said.

    New Delhi is concerned about the security of the proposed pipeline given that it passes through some of the most troubled regions in Pakistan. There are also differences on the transit fees that Pakistan is demanding for gas that is to be pumped to India."

    Is it safe to make the pipeline project via pakistan in present situation? i dont think it is better idea.
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    Well this looks like pressure tactics to me. Iran needs hard cash desparately and they are not making money from Oil exports even at the current prices.

    Looking at the state of Pakistani economy the offtake will be very limited and also the ability of Pakistan to make regular payments in Dollars for the Gas is in doubt.

    They need India on baord this pipeline. About having other customers it is alo bumkus. Extending the pipeline from Pakistan to China will not be an easy job considering the terrain.
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    Getting into the I-P-I Gas pipeline project will be a foolish decision, if we opt for the same considering what is happening in Pakistan.

    India cannot expect Pakistan to guard the Pipeline with the increasing Taliban Threat to the sovereignty of Pakistan as a nation.

    Secondly, Iran is well aware of the revenue it will earn if INDIA joins in the Project.

    My opinion is to stay away, this Project is more trouble then of use to India.

    The Indian Government will be needed to pay for maintenance & security of the line to pakistan - no ruling party will want that to happen. (though they have 5 more year to rule)

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