Iran invites Morari Bapu as state guest

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    Iran invites Morari Bapu as state guest - The Times of India

    MAHUVA: Well-known 'kathakar' of Ramayana Morari Bapu has been invited as state guest of Islamic Republic of Iran. Director, cultural house, Islamic Republic of Iran in Mumbai, Mehdi Hassan Khani visited Mahuva in Bhavnagar on Sunday and handed over to Morari Bapu the invitation, a close associate of the spiritual motivator Jaydev Mankad said.

    "Bapu has been invited as state guest of Iran. He is welcome to visit the country as per his schedule in future. Bapu has accepted the invitation," Mankad said. Mehdi Hassan Khani was in Mahuva to attend a communal harmony function.

    Bapu has done about 711 'Ram Kathas' across the globe. He plans to do a Ram Katha in the Holy Muslim city of Karbala near Imam Hussein Shrine and is awaiting clearance from Government of Iraq.

    Bapu recently did a Ram Katha in Jerusalem, Israel. He is scheduled to do a Ram Katha in Nagasaki from August 4 to 12 so as to coincide with the anniversary of bombing on the Japanese city on August 9.

    He has been spreading the message of communal harmony through the Ram Kathas. The spiritual motivator was among the first Hindu religious leaders to lead a peace march through the riot-torn areas of Ahmedabad in 2002.

    He organized a religious conference in Mahuva in January 2009. The 'Dharmasanwad' had speakers from Jain, Hindu, Sikh, Christian and Muslim communities. Bapu had earlier told TOI, "The world wants the fifth yuga (fifth age) to be the age of love. My Ram Katha at Karbala will talk about truth, love and compassion."
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    He is doing an excellent job by making aware the people about hindu culture and its legendary values.And he is showing a brave attitude by doing Ram Katha in Muslim countries.
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