Iran diplomat pushes for Quetta-Zahedan corridor

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    Boosting Trade: Iran diplomat pushes for Quetta-Zahedan corridor
    LAHORE: Iranian Consul General Muhammad Banni Asadi stressed the need for establishing the Pakistan-Iran Corridor through Zahedan and Quetta since this would provide a substantial boost to bilateral trade relations of the two neighboring countries.

    The Iranian diplomat said this while meeting the Lahore Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI) President Engineer Sohail Lashari.

    Asadi said that the construction of the Pak-Iran Corridor would not only create thousands of new jobs for the people of Balochistan but also ensure considerable infrastructure development. He said that compared to the $15 billion trade between Iran and India the trade volume between Pakistan and Iran was negligible. He added that both the neighboring countries had the potential to carter to each other’s needs.

    Asadi pointed out the business communities of both the countries need to increase their interaction. He said that the current volume of trade between the two countries does not match their potential for which the chambers of commerce in the two countries would have to focus on hosting country exhibitions and exchange of trade delegations. He added that both the countries should share their experience in the field of science and technology. He said that the agricultural, tourism and metal industry of Iran had opportunities of investment that can be explored by the Pakistani business community.

    Lasheri assured the Iranian Consul General that the LCCI would continue playing its role in increasing the bilateral trade and economic relations of the two countries.

    He said that both the sides needed to conduct market research to further cement their trade ties and priority should be given to each other for import of goods rather than buying from distant countries.

    Lashari said that collaboration in small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and mega projects such as the onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration activities would be beneficial for both the countries.

    Lasheri said, “Pakistan is basically an agricultural country bestowed with a variety of seasons and agro-based products. Technology from Iran can help Pakistan’s argo-based food processing and dairy industry.”

    Published in The Express Tribune, November 14th, 2013.

    Boosting Trade: Iran diplomat pushes for Quetta-Zahedan corridor – The Express Tribune
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    this is good , Iran and Pakistan need to have stronger relations , this will help economic development in both Iranian and Pakistani Balochistan
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    Pindliyon ka gooda
    Don't hold your breath, but I am pushing for better relations between myself and Angelina Jolie, Katrina Kaif and Deepika Padukone. Particularly I am impressed by the "trade" that Iran and Pakistan are going to have. Anyhow - I have not read the original link - I bet it is a Paki newspaper. Only Pakis pretend as if everyone wants to trade with them and that anyone who trades with Pakisatan will face something other than terrorism and beggary.

    I have seen such announcements for so many decades that I am getting bored - better chances of my making it with all those actresses. More fun to talk about them also.
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    Wonderful ! Inception of Shia - Sunni Bhai - Bhai saga. :clap:

    Would love to see how things would going to get shapes in near future. :sarc:

    BTW, how would beloved Saauuudi's going to react after hearing this news and their [email protected] brethren willingness to establish better contacts/trade with Shias ? :confused:
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