IPR Finds Oil at Three Syrian Test Wells, Starts Drilling Fourth

Discussion in 'West Asia & Africa' started by Ray, Oct 29, 2011.

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    Now that there is unrest in Syria and the West not too well disposed, it might affect the oil finds!

    Hopefully one does not see a Libya happening in Syria.

    The initial reactions seem similar.
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    France set's sights on Syria

    France foreign affairs minister: war in Libya is over, we now set our sight on and are targeting (Syria) Assad’s regime

    “The operation in Libya is over and Syria would be next. France is now pushing for UN Security Council to take “responsibilities” and sanction the “bloody repression” in Syria,” France foreign minister Alain Juppe said.

    “I hope we will soon reach an agreement on multilateral action that can step up pressure on the Syrian regime,” Juppe said.

    “Should the resolutions be passed in the UN Security Council, France and its allies will take military action, in strict accordance with international law of course,” the French foreign minister added.

    NATO concludes Libyan war - U.S. and France call for war on Syria | zimbabwemetro.com
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    This is actually an OVL led venture where Indians were able to discover oil back in June and then they brought in IPR to go for the next phase of exploration.

    The intervention in Syria will again affect Indian interests adversely. Just like the invasion in Iraq was disastrous for India and other interventions. There is no doubt that there should be diplomatic support to the democratic movements and President Assad should be encouraged to resign and hold free and fair elections. But external intervention by NATO on the lines of Libya would be messy and not in Indian interests. Particularly when we have such good relations with Assad.

    ONGC finds oil in Syria blocks | India Environment Portal
    ONGC Videsh Ltd, the overseas arm of state- owned Oil and Natural Gas Corp (ONGC), has made two significant oil discover- ies of 185 million barrels of oil in a block in northeast- ern Syria.

    OVL and its partner IPR Mediterranean Exploration Ltd discovered Rashid and Abu Khashab oilfields in Block-24, the company said in a statement here.

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