iPhone 6 Plus is approved and can now be sold in Brazil

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    The iPhone 6 Plus was approved by Anatel. Now, the smartphone can be officially sold in Brazil. Home sales depends on release of Apple


    iPhone 6: for now only the Plus (right) was approved by Anatel

    São Paulo - The (National Telecommunications Agency) Anatel has approved the iPhone 6 Plus. This means that the product has already authorized the agency to be sold in Brazil.

    For now, the iPhone 6 Plus is the only one to appear in the list of new Apple products approved by Anatel. He is the older brother of the family of iPhones, with a 5.5 inch screen.

    The model with smaller screen, the iPhone 6 (with 4.7-inch screen), yet not in the list of smartphones authorized by Anatel. But should appear very soon.

    A few weeks ago, some evidence that Apple was working on the release of its new smartphones appeared on the agency website. The first evidence was the release of the batteries that come with the new iPhones.

    In this case, batteries of both models were authorized. Because of this, it is matter of time that the iPhone 6 to appear there.

    The model is now approved by the A1522. According to published documents, the iPhone 6 Plus will be compatible with our 4G network.

    Among the plants that will produce the iPhone 6 Plus are three factories in China. The iPhone 6 Plus therefore will not mount in factory Itu working for Apple, at least for now.

    Although the product is already approved, does not mean it will go on sale. That still depends on a official release from Apple.

    Remember that iPhone 5s was approved in early October last year - it had been announced on September 10. Its sales, however, only began in late November.

    The same process can happen at this time. Do not expect the iPhone 6 Plus to appear in stores before the next month.



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