Investment inflow: Chinese firm to pour $6b into energy projects

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    Friday, 19 July 2013


    ISLAMABAD: Chinese CWE Investment Corporation will invest $ 6 billion in the energy sector of Pakistan during the next 5 years to help the country overcome its energy problems and ensure availability of sufficient power supply in future.

    The company is already running nine projects in the country, Vice President, CWE Investment Corporation, Wang Shaofeng, who is leading a six member Chinese delegation in Pakistan, said during a meeting with Chairman Board of Investment (BoI), Mohammad zubair, Shaofeng.

    He briefed the BoI Chairman about ongoing energy projects, saying that the construction of 50 mw three gorges first wind farm (50mw) has been started in January, 2013 while its financial closing is almost completed.

    All civil works and 50% wind-turbine installation is scheduled to be completed by the end of this year while the project will be enter into commercial operation (cod) in June 2014.

    According to a BoI statement, Shaofeng said, 720mw Karot hydropower project is at first stages (feasibility stage) and tariff has been approved by NEPRA.

    Feasibility updating and optimization works continue which will be completed by June next year and the project construction is scheduled to started by the end of 2014 and would be completed in 5 years.

    He told the BoI Chairman that 1100mw Kohala hydropower project is at first stage and tariff negotiation have started since September 2011 with NTDC and the parties have held 3 rounds of negotiation.

    Land acquisition and preparation for construction will completed in 2015 and construction will kick off in 2016.

    Similarly, construction on 120mw Taunsa Hydropower project (120mw) approved by Punjab power development board (PPOB) on June 25th, 2013 will be started in 2015 with 4 years construction period.

    The other projects that the company is running include two three-gorges wind farm (450mw) projects, wind measurement project in Punjab, 50mw solar power project in Punjab and 50mw solar power project in Sindh.

    China to invest $6bn in energy sector

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    Can we have a single thread for Pakistan's Energy problems/solutions? 3 have been created along similar lines today itself.
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    Read about Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation and Green Climate Fund under Kyoto Protocol. Whats new in this China's investment in Pak?
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    Akhand Bharat
    somehow i feel that pakistan is proving expensive keep for china

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