Interpol listsKarachi asDawood’s home

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    Somewhere in Himalayan Jungle
    New Delhi: Dawood Ibrahim ’s city of residence is Pakistan ’s Karachi. The present location
    of the India’s most wanted man is given under the
    section, UN Security Council
    Special Notice, on the Interpol
    website. This certifies India ’s claim that the perpetrator of
    the 1993 Mumbai blasts has
    been living in Pakistan. According to the website,
    Dawood has two homes in
    Karachi. As per the
    information, the first address
    is White House, near Saudi
    Mosque, Clifton, Karachi and the other is House Number 37,
    3th Street, Defence Housing
    Authority, Karachi. Amongst the places of
    issuance of Dawood ’s passport, the website lists the
    cities of Bombay, Rawalpindi,
    Karachi, Dubai and Jeddah. The Interpol has informed
    that the Don is wanted by the
    Interpol and has been slapped
    by UN sanctions pursuant to
    Security Council Resolution
    1267 (1999) and successor resolutions, including
    resolution 1822 (2008). It
    further informs that the
    subject is under the following
    UN Sanctions, that is, freezing
    of assets, travel ban and arms embargo. It also lists that
    Dawood has the following
    permanent reference number
    on the list maintained by the
    UN Security Council Al-Qaida
    and Taliban Sanctions Committee (1267 Committee)
    which appears in the Special
    Notice for the subject,
    QI.K.135.03. The Don’s present family name has been given as Kaskar,
    while his forename has been
    given as Dawood Ibrahim. His
    date of birth has been given as
    December 26, 1955, which
    makes him 55 years old and his place of birth has been
    given as Ratnagiri, India. The
    colour of his eyes and hair is
    black and his distinguished
    mark and characteristic is a
    mole on the left eyebrow. The international arrest
    warrant issued by the
    Government of India has been
    categorised as additional
    information. According to the
    Interpol website, he is supposed to speak three
    languages, English, Hindi and
    Urdu and his nationality has
    been outlined as India. Interestingly, Dawood has
    been listed to have more than
    20 aliases like Abdul Hamid
    Abdul Aziz, Anis Ibrahim,
    Aziz Ibrahim, Daud Hasan and
    Dawood Hasan to name a few. And in his other places of
    birth, Bombay has been
    named. Dawood tops the Mumbai
    police’s list of most wanted criminals and is among the top
    fugitives that India has been
    asking Pakistan to extradite
    for years now. Leave alone
    deporting Dawood, Pakistan
    has been in a state of denial regarding the Don and refuses
    to acknowledge his presence
    in their country. Dawood Ibrahim is the head
    of the notorious D Company
    and is said to have a vast
    underworld empire dealing
    with illegal activities. He is
    alleged to have masterminded and financed the 1993 Mumbai
    bombings in connivance with
    Pakistan ’s ISI. He escaped to UAE from India and to
    Pakistan thereon. It must be
    noted that more than 200
    people were killed in the 13
    serial bomb blasts that shook
    the financial capital of India in 1993.

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