International Plot to Smuggle US Stealth Tech to China Foiled: Feds

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    An international plot to provide China with highly classified U.S. military technology has been foiled, U.S. federal agents said.

    Two Taiwanese nationals were arrested after they told American undercover agents they were working for "associates" in the Chinese intelligence community and wanted to buy a surveillance drone and stealth technology related to the U.S.'s F-22 Raptor fighter jet, the FBI said in court documents released today.

    The plot was uncovered during a previous investigation into the pair's alleged involvement in a multi-million dollar counterfeit goods smuggling scheme and crystal methamphetamine operation. The pair, 45-year-old Hui Sheng Shen, also known as "Charlie," and 41-year-old Huan Ling Chang, also known as "Alice," have been charged with violating the Arms Export Control Act along with related drug charges and could face life in prison.


    Previously, unknown hackers believed to be based in China were blamed for stealing secrets of America's other next generation stealth fighter, the F-35, in what America's Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, called the "egregious pilfering of intellectual capital and property," according to a February report by Aviation Week.

    "China has been very active in attempting to obtain restricted American technology, including the kinds of goods that we see in today's charges but also corporate secrets and classified information," Fishman said.

    Two Arrested in Alleged Plot to Smuggle US Military Tech to China - ABC News
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    Again, government informants are the basis for the prosecution.

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