International Mother Language Day Celebration in New Delhi

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    Invitation for International Mother Language Day Celebration and Releasing of Delhi Demands by various language communities of the Union of India in New Delhi on Feb 21, 2016

    We are glad to invite you to the celebration of International Mother Language Day on Feb 21, 2016 in New Delhi, organized by Campaign for Language Equality and Rights (CLEAR), a forum for language rights activists from around India. As the voices of various language communities in India have started to raise to the higher level, a coming together of language activists will help go move further in the desired direction to win the rights for our languages.

    Formed on the sidelines of Language Rights Conference held in Chennai in Sep 20, 2015, CLEAR has become a federation of language rights organizations and activists in different states and regions of the country. We have released a guiding document, named Chennai Declaration of Language Rights on the same day.fema ibrary use the search option

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