Internal Leak about Corruption in PLA (rumour)

Discussion in 'China' started by Free Karma, Dec 10, 2014.

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    Saw this posted on the other forum, used google translate to translate it:
    The original link (In Chinese): ϰ��ƽʮ����ָʾΪ�θ㲻�����ź������ۣ�

    TLDR: There are many corruption cases going on and despite Xi's orders for action, people have not been punished, due to various power blocks/factionism. Some of these people live very luxurious lives. Some people have not even been subjected to investigations and still are in charge of their divisions.
    Many members there were asking for the thread to be closed, or saying "this is an internal matter, dont discuss it with outsiders" etc.

    I found some of the comments interesting (again through google translate, might post them later).

    What are chinese members thoughts reaction to this?

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