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    1) development of regional carrier platform, both jet and turbo prop, is underway. this will be made for carrying 90 people and will be flown on intra-national routes. these capabilities are well comparable to the in-service An-32 which can carry 70-80 people on similar range. though the troop carrying capacity of an-32 is only 42 troopers the regional jet can carry more then that for sure. the major modification in regional jet is inclusion of special mission system and few other electronic goodies, which are included in an-32 as well but after number of upgrades. they are said to be cheaper and in-house development will enable us to be free from spare tension and lengthy contractual works which are done to avoid any major give-away to foreign firms. the other major use of this aircraft could be the use of it as a AWAC platform. after the inclusion of Il-76 as a platform and now embraer this plane can fulfill the needs of our navy and air force to keep a tab on enemy.
    2) the mahindra NM5, the 5 seater plane can be used to ferry officials of forces. the force use an-32 or beechcraft or dornier to ferry its staff which is costlier. this will save many crores on exchequer and helps forces in raising the indigenous character in self. they can also be used in the coast gaurd and paramil to gaurd our borders. this can also be used in low intesity warfare where electronic jamming are to be used.
    3) the MTA which is being developed by hal and russian aerospace giant can be used as tanker aircraft also after few modification. comparable to c-130 hercules this can provide india with its own tanker and may be this can also be used as a electronic warfare platform for jamming purpose and all.
    4) the vertical firing of BVRAAM astra provided the fact that it can be used to target enemy 150 kms away. if work can be done in this direction then india might have a long range sam with the range of 150 kms far more then the barak ng which is under development in collaboration between india and israel.
    5) the plans of BEML to manufacture its own chooper in this decade ,tatas experiance in making the cabins of the sirkosky helis and the engine of the dhruv- shakti can all together be included in once so that a new partnership excluding the foreign partners can be created making solid foundation for the development of helicopter market in india.
    6) tough india is facing problem in miniaturizing the engine and electronics namely the aesa and kaveri. but it can scale them up to be used in other areas like naval sector to give a new engine to fast moving ships.

    more of such things can be added by you all...

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