Institutional deficiencies and malfeasance in combating terrorism in Punjab

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    - this is supposed to be Pakistan's most developed province.
    - It lacks the resources to even combine trace equipment, for which it must depend on the ISI and IB, a source of their power.
    - Amid growing indications of terror moving to Punjab, the police concentrate firstly and almost exclusively on opposition political parties.
    - South Punjab, with a history of Seraiki insurgency, is witnessing growing radicalization. This conversation focuses, presumably, on police capacities in urban settings. Imagine the chaosness from police inadequacy in rural areas!
    - South Punjab, may consequently, be an area of focus for R&AW operatives.
    - The judicial system, an institutional pillar of the country, is inept with respect to dealing with the terror-ism problem.
    - There is an inevitable time lag, with respect to tracing SIM cards across the country.
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