Inspired by Brexit, Pakistan to vote on leaving South Asia to join Arabia

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    On the lighter side of things...

    As United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland have voted in favor of Brexit i.e. to exit the European Union, group of Pakistani politicians have asked for Pexit – a referendum to decide whether Pakistan should continue to be part of South Asia and Indian subcontinent or exit the bloc to join the Arab countries.

    Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif addressing joint session of Parliament over Pexit

    “Ideologically we had left India in early 20thcentury while politically we did that in 1947. But we are still called a part of the Indian subcontinent or South Asia by many commentators,” explained Maulana Mushroom Azhar, the chief proponent of Pexit.

    Sources say that the Pexit supporters are impressed with that fact that UK could leave EU without any geographical movement, and that gives hope to Pakistan.

    “Being tagged with India is haraam. We must officially leave this South Asia thing and join the pious land of Arabia. Mentally we already feel like Arabs, so it’s a must that we vote to formally announce this,” Maulana Mushroom Azhar said.

    Dozens of other religious and political leaders have supported the Maulana and called for immediate referendum on this issue.

    “Kashmir referendum can wait, this is more important,” Armaan Khan, a local politician in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir told Faking News.

    “Once Pakistan becomes a part of Arabia, Kashmir can also become part of it. This is one step less in the Islamic revolution,” he explained, “No more Kashmir Banega Pakistan slogans, now we will have Kashmir Banega Arabia jaan.”

    Experts believe that the support for Pexit is very high in Pakistan with most hardline groups being in its favor.

    “Pexit is almost unanimously agreed upon, the only disagreement is whether to join the Arabian bloc or the Islamic State,” an expert claimed.

    Markets reacted strongly to the news of Pexit. JSC (Jihadi Stock Exchange) gained 500 points with LeT and JuD gaining the most in the intra-day training. The trading was halted after a trader threatened suicide attack when reports latest came in.

    However there are some who are in favor of Pemain i.e. Pakistan remaining a part of the Indian subcontinent and the South Asia.

    “We are a fledgling terrorist organization and we just received seed funding. If Pexit happens, most of our new joinees will be on bench. We need South Asia more specifically India to see growth. We may have to lay off half of our terrorists,” said the Chief of TerrorKart, an e-terror startup.

    “At least on occasions we feel good for being the best in cricket in this region,” argued a non-terrorist supporter of Pemain, who didn’t want to identify himself, “What will we feel good about as part of Arabia? We have no oil, our knowledge of Arabic is weak, and our cricketers may fix matches and lose to UAE. Pexit will be a disaster.”
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    It has already voted for 72 F papa pigs in the Janath. Hope afghans are given full back up from India. When ever there is a firing in afghan border, we should coordinate firing from Indian border. That mounts to rape... When such instances of double retaliation becomes normal to minds of pa kiss (00) Stan .

    This mind set cultivation on Pakistan will provide Indian surprise element and if ever in future pak does terror strike in India. our goal should be capturing spike of area shortest to border where Pakistan China highway passage is constructed. That small area will prove negotiation tool with China and we have to trade an agreement if pok is taken over by India, Chinese access to Pakistan warm water port is respected by replacing deal of Pakistan with India and in return Chinese should stay out of Kashmir which is rightfully ours. If they don't listen use proxy war on them with out worrying about consequences because it is dharma yudh no need for repenting kill or get killed with honour.
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    Why didn't joooo tag me in such breaking newwj? :dude:

    Tagging more so they can enjoy as well... I highlighted the important text in red. :rofl:

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    yeh kya bakchodi hai .. .. @Zarvan
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    I wish this article in faking news goes real as soon as possible. :D
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    But seriously, it's going to be BaXit - Balochi Exit followed by Sinexit - Sindh Exit sooner than later. India needs to help them to exit the 'Land of the Impure'...errr I mean 'pure'.....No need of a vote. They need to fight their way out of the Paki stranglehold with a little help from their friends - Israel, US and India! :smile:
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    Pakistan can never do trade or whatever BS with most of the SA nations without India's support. So it is already a non-participant of SAARC initiative except for attending meetings and raising objections.
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    well why dont pakistan leave their lands and begg some land from saudi's and make that Arab land..

    btw saudis shits on pakistani:drool: face

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