Indonesia to Buy 2 Submarines in 2011

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    Indonesia to Buy 2 Submarines in 2011

    Govt to purchase submarines

    The Jakarta Post | Fri, 05/27/2011 6:04 PM A | A | A |

    The government says it will purchase at least two submarines this year.

    “We hope that we can execute [the plan] this year,” Defense Ministry’s Chief of Defense Facilities Division Vice Admiral Susilo said Friday as quoted by

    He said the ministry was processing offers on the submarines from several countries, but declined to elaborate on the countries' names.

    “There are plenty of offers. We announced the specifications needed and they were the ones making the offers,” Susilo said.

    Currently Indonesia only has two submarines. Despite the need for more, Susilo said the purchasing process needed to be adjusted to the budget due to the equipment’s high prices.

    He cited a Scorpen submarine bought by Malaysia from France that cost around EU 550 million or more than US$700 million.

    Although the deal might be settled this year, the construction of the submarines would take five years to finish.

    Govt to purchase submarines | The Jakarta Post
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    Does our ToT deal with France allow us to build and sell Scropenes by ourselves? I would not think so but it would be good if we can! :)

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