Indonesia receive 37 self-propelled artillery Caesar

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    Indonesia receive 37 self-propelled artillery Caesar

    TSAMTO November 8. The company "Nexter Systems" has confirmed the conclusion of the Ministry of Defence contract to supply Indonesia 37 units of 155-mm self-propelled artillery system (ACS) "Caesar".

    According to "Jane's Defence Weekly," a representative of the company in the exhibition held in Jakarta "Indo Defense 2012" under contract "Nexter Systems" will deliver ACS "Caesar" to equip two artillery regiments, battalions of three batteries each (6 units on the battery ) and one training sample.

    The representative of "Nexter" not reported cost of the program. Presumably, the cost is 240 million dollars. Deliveries will begin of howitzers during 2013 -2014.

    Indonesia declared its intention to buy 37 ACS "Caesar" this summer. September 22, Indonesian media reported on delivery to the airport "Halim Perdana Kusuma" Jakarta two SG "Caesar", which were to take part in the parade on October 5.

    As in the French Army installation based on the chassis of the truck, "Sherpa" 6x6 of "Renault Truck Defense" (Saudi version is installed on the chassis of "Mercedes-Benz").

    In a related contract offset agreement "Nekster Systems" will give the company «PT Pindad" technologies that will provide the service of artillery systems in Indonesia.

    Indonesia is the fourth customer of ACS "Caesar." Saudi Arabia in 2006, the three parties got 132 unit (the third game of the 32 ACS worth 210 million dollars was commissioned in September 2011.) Thailand received 6 units in 2009, and NE France ordered 72 installation and determined to get an additional 64 units. Denmark ordered 18 units.

    ACS "Caesar" used contingent French army in Afghanistan and Lebanon.

    French company expects delivery of ACS will strengthen its position in Indonesia. East of the country previously purchased 275 light tank AMX-13 and about 200 armored AMX-VCI, but is now in a suitable condition for use is about half of them.

    ЦАМТО / Главное / СВ Индонезии получат 37 самоходных артиллерийских установок «Ð¦ÐµÐ·Ð°Ñ€ÑŒ»
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