Indonesia-Australia relations deteriorate

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    Indonesia boosts military presence near Australia and ramps up efforts to increase its firepower |

    Indonesia sends warships to patrol southern border | World news |

    TNI gears up, sets sights on foreign threats | The Jakarta Post

    This, on top of the earlier Indonesia-Australia spying row, is a godsend to Chinese strategic planners, since it is a long-term irritant with lots of national pride at stake.

    My sources tell me those radar systems watching Australia were built with Chinese assistance. Think of it as a Chinese '---- you too' to America's radar stations in Taiwan, Korea, and Japan.

    The other thing to note is that Indonesia has over half a dozen other straits with enough water depth to substitute for Malacca, and yet enough shallow water in between each to make ASW easy relative to the open waters of the Pacific. This means if China gets Indonesia on its side, China's shipping can make it home safely through the Indonesian archipelago even if Malacca is blockaded.
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    It's election time in Indonesia. Australia's used to the politicians of our Islamic neighbours slagging us off before elections.

    Guess the CPC will be erasing the history of Indonesian's genocidial pograms against ethnic Chinese.

    Indonesian's, and Indo- Malay's in general, really, really don't like the Chinese. But sure, good luck with your plans.

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