Indo-Maldives joint ops help exchange tactics

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    Indo-Maldives joint ops help exchange tactics - The Times of India
    BELGAUM: Army personnel from the Indian army and Maldives displayed their skills in front of their superiors during the Indo-Maldives joint training exercise at Maratha Light Infantry Regimental Centre here on Friday. Major general RJ Noronha of Indian Army and Brigadier General Ahmed Nilam, Commandant Marine Corps of Maldives Army reviewed the ongoingfourth Indo-Maldives joint training exercise called 'EKUVERIN-12'.
    Both the officers witnessedthe joint training which is going on since November 12 and will conclude on November 25 by soldiers of both the countries with an aim to enhance inter capability between the two armies; 45 soldiers of Madras Regiment of Indian Army and Maldives army are undergoing join exercise.
    The number of training activities and exercise hasbeen conducted during the joint training which also includes counter insurgency and counter terrorism operations. Slithering practice and exercise were conducted at Bagdad Asmara Range at Savgaon during the joint training. Maldives army was very impressed with the standard of training facilities like junglecamp, commando training area and Bagdad Asmara Firing Range.
    "Through such joint operations, army personnel from foreign countries learn to use our weapons while when we gothere we use their weapons. This broadens our knowledge of handling different weapons and strategies," said Brigadier Santosh Kurup, commandant of MLIRC. Nextyear the Indian army will go to Maldives.
    On Friday, as part of the training exercise, a mock hostage crisis was created. With the help of map and compass, the army personnel were told to trace the location. About28 army personnel landed in helicopters, took their position and identified the place. They were successful in rescuing the politician who was caught by terrorists in the mock drill. The officers who weremonitoring the exercise interacted with the and gave some valuable inputsand suggestions.

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