India's tsunami warning system is in a shambles

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    CHENNAI: The chilling visuals of tsunami devastating Japan on Friday brought back memories of December 26, 2004 to Chennaites and questions like how good our tsunami alert system is.

    Thanks to a global network of tsunami monitoring systems, Indian shores may not be caught unawares, but if maintenance of our tsunami buoys is anything go by, the Indian tsunami alert system is in a bad shape. As fishermen continue to vandalise tsunami buoys in the open seas, all that remains in the Bay of Bengal are two such buoys and one other in the Arabian Sea. These buoys sense tidal variations and send out signals to a satellite that alerts the ground stations.

    Several buoys deployed in the Indian seas in last decade had been vandalised by fishermen who break open the buoys to take away metal parts. The Hyderabad-based Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services (INCOIS), which runs the national tsunami warning centre, depends on tsunami buoys, among other things, for forecast.

    An official from National Institute of Ocean Technology (NIOT) said 42 of the 50 meteorological buoys deployed for weather predictions in Arabian sea and Bay of Bengal were vandalised by fishermen. Over 160 meteorological, wave and tsunami buoys were retreived out of 240 by NIOT, mostly because of vandalism.

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