India's Technological Progress Since Independence

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    India's Technological Progress Since Independence :emot112:

    Firstly, we wish to take this opportunity to wish you all on the 64th Independence Day of our nation. When we freed ourselves from the shackles of colonial British rule on 15th August 1947, we were left with more of internal conflict and very little in terms of financial reserves or development. It was almost like a clean slate and having to start afresh from scratch. Today, after 63 years from that date, we are still a developing nation with the second largest population on the planet, but we have indeed made a lot of progress. Defence, Computers and IT, Space and Telecommunications are a few of the topics we will talk about to showcase the progress our country has made thus far.

    On the occasion of independence let's pause our daily bashing of the day to day running of the country and cheers of the achievements of INDIANS...:happy_7:
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    thanks for the article ? but if we can get in picture form it would be like iceing in cake

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