India's relation with neighbours countries

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    We all know, India should, at least in the short run, contain it's global ambitions and focus acutely on becoming a strong economy and a well integrated nation, having commonality of purpose and consensus on important national issues. If this happens,-We have a bright future if we have a friendly environment, based on real strength, around us.-

    But-Problem is that ,-another countries like China and Pakistan does not want good relation with India. -We have unresolved border issue it does mean that neighboring countries should sponsors terrorism & intrusion, India being peaceful loving country always ready for bilateral talks.-India is strong Country. No Doubt.-So India should think another things to tackle these issues.-

    As we are helping Afghanistan to develop infrastructure in Afghanistan. That's why afghan citizens takes India as their friend country. Afghanistan does not like Pakistan. As because of Pakistan's terrorism there is not peace in Afghanistan. We can handle Pakistan with the help of Afghanistan.-

    We have main problem from China. As its big and powerful Country. But China has problems with Its neighbor countries like Vietnam (Problem of south China Sea) , Philippians, and Japan (there is problem of an island between japan and china). As we know enemy of enemy is friend. So we make good relationship with these countries. I mean with Vietnam, Japan, and Philippians.
    -Russia is our friend. And China is also bordered with Russia. So With the help of Russia, japan, Philippians, and Vietnam India can handle China. Also,-good relation with U.S.A is beneficial to handle China. As U.S.A Knows that India is only country in Asia that can stop China.

    Now another problem however these not big problems like Bangladesh, Srilanka. These countries are actually friendly to us. But if there is any problem. Than we can handle these counties by giving money as loan. If our loan will be on these countries. Than These Countries won't even think about crating any problem against India.-

    Only One thing is important, that we have to be unite always and forever .


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