India's neighbours: The Most Failed States?

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    Comments, please.
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    I mentioned this elsewhere:

    This foreign policy failed state index is not that intuitive and clear. Iran is in the top 20 economies in the world and FP puts it in between Rwanda and Togo!!!!

    An why is Libya is at rank111 and India at rank 76??!! And why is Bangladesh - a country that has a strong democratically elected govt. and economy 7-8 times the size of Nepal or twice the size of Sri Lanka with a better security environment than both below them in rankingl?Just doesn't make any sense.

    All in all, very questionable rankings this year. Although the interesting thing to note is that all of India neighbors improved their ranking while India went the opposite direction. Maldives is the only other SAARC country during better than India at higher ranking at 91

    2011 Failed States Index - Interactive Map and Rankings | Foreign Policy

    Ofcourse, this does not mean we should not help in promoting economic integration and prosperity in our neighboring countries. Get the states involved as well as Raja Mohan mentioned in his recent editorial:

    I think the concern in terms of security fall out would be basically
    (1) Afghanistan - because empowering Afghanistan economically and militarily is necessary to divert Pakistan's attention
    (2) Nepal - The Maoists have made a mess and made it easier for Chinese to meddle
    (3) Sri Lanka - The Tamil situation is still there and adverse treatment of Tamil minorities will have an impact in TN. Tamils are a proud people with a proud heritage and this can be resolved only with dialogue and negotiation with the Lankans.
    (4) Bangladesh - much improves since the 2000s days. There is a need to build up the momentum, completely integrate the economy and reduce Chinese involvement whether its trade, military hardware or otherwise.
    (5) Bhutan because its next to China
    (6) Maldives is quite calm but still is an important island state in the Indian ocean.

    Pakistan ofcourse is a another category on its own. There is not much we can do to help it change its failed state policies except by firewalling ourselves from its impact. Some trade and transit is all I can think would be possible for now. No developmental works would be possible like in other countries seeing how they didn't want any aid directly in the floods itself last year.
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    I think India is a Failed State itself in Human Development Index, and I honestly believe no nation on earth can improve its lot unless it takes care of the 'parts' that will propel it to greatness.

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