India's Military Might: Hype over Substance

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    While none can dispute what PV Naik has said, the Indian Armed Forces can still meet the challenges with a pinch.

    There is no doubt that there are shortfalls in the optimum military inventory essential to face a challenge comfortably.

    The problem is that after the Bofors scam notwithstanding what the courts have to say in pure legal terms, the affair exposed the vulnerability of the system to lobbyists in all their nefarious avatars. It would be naive to believe that it still does not exist. Therefore, Mr Cleans, everywhere and every department are very chary of having their images sullied. Their image remains clean and so does the defence inventory clean and bare!

    The strategic environment get challenging by the day.

    China is getting active in its hegemonic arm twisting and pursuits and Pakistan smugly arming itself gratis with US weaponry through blackmail.

    Therefore, it is time to act and act fast!
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    Every day there is some new story of babus corruption. It is a part of life in India. Waiting to complete military orders is not going to make that go away. If India has to pay overhead now then so be it... sue later.

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