India's Intelligence Agencies doubt Pakistan's intent to tackle terror

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    India's security czars doubt Pakistan's intent to tackle terror

    On a day external affairs minister S.M. Krishna was in Pakistan and the leadership of the country claimed that signing of a much delayed visa agreement will reduce the mistrust between the two nations, India's top intelligence and security czars were huddled in an auditorium, on September 9, for a Sunday brunch hosted by the chief of the spy agency Research & Analysis Wing (RAW) at the agency's headquarters.

    Over a delectable spread of biryani and kebabs and choicest Indian food delicacies, the top spymasters gave a candid presentation on the situation in the neighbourhood. The big takeaway was a red mark on the intent of Pakistan in tackling terrorism.

    The assessment was that the situation in the neighbouring country was volatile and the civilian government was not in a position to rein in terror groups plotting and planning attacks against India.

    A power point presentation on the latest hideouts and videos of inflammatory anti-India speeches made by LeT founder Hafiz Mohd Saeed right under the nose of the Pakistan government was the centrepiece of the presentation.

    Interestingly, the security czars were equivocal that pacts like the recent visa agreement that the two countries signed are not going to help reduce the mistrust, and non-state actors, like Saeed, had a free run aided by Pakistan's intelligence agency ISI.

    While the annual briefing on the margins of the DGP's conference ends with a briefing by the external intelligence agency, what makes it significant is the timing of the briefing.

    It comes at a juncture when Pakistan is bending backwards to demonstrate that it is serious about tackling terrorism, and is making overtures to India to ensure that a visit by PM Manmohan Singh takes place.

    But the account accessed exclusively by Mail Today demonstrates that away from the diplomatic photo-ops and handshakes, the truth is that many more 26/11's are being planned and there is no change of heart. And that the top security establishment of the country which advises the PM and top members of the cabinet committee on security has a gloomy view of the situation in the neighbourhood.

    What is important is that the assessment is at variance with what the foreign office believes - that there is some change in mindset in Pakistan.

    The presentation also focused on the threat from groups like the Haqqani network mounting aggressive attacks on Indian installations in Afghanistan.

    According to the sources present at the meeting, the assessment was that in order to regain strategic depth in Afghanistan, Pakistan and the ISI will try every trick up their sleeve to make use of the poor security situation in the country, especially in a transition period when the international forces are exiting Afghanistan.

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