Indians’ research puts Apple in trouble over Patent

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    US varsity cites two Indians’ work in $862 million patent case against Apple

    WASHINGTON: Gurindar Sohi and T N Vijaykumar are not names that will leap out of your latest iPhones as you gush over the performance of Apple's much-coveted devices. But the work of these two Indian researchers, alumni of BITS-Pilani, is central to a patent lawsuit that may result in Apple having to cough up $862 million in a landmark case that underscores the seminal role that university research - and Indian engineers - play in the American high-tech eco-system.

    A US jury on Tuesday found the iPhone maker incorporated technology owned by the University of Wisconsin-Madison's licensing arm without permission in chips found in many of its most popular devices. The case relates to Apple's use of A7, A8, and A8X chips, which are present in the iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and the new iPhone 6S (plus some models of the iPad), and which are said to contain technology covered by a 1998 patent filed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (aka WARF).
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    America has been sustaining from the knowledge of Indian Scientists from long time. I hope the scientists coe back to India and develop India now.... Its high time that they come back to India........

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    I am sure many large companies are infringing on patents. Companies like Nokia are planning broad scale lawsuits.
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    Can we please stick with the original heading of the title. It gave me just the opposite impression/shock, that Indian student are the culprits. damn....
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    Not sure it is accurate it is the USA University that will get patent damages and hard work done and not the Indian bhais who did the brains work since they are - were employed by the university and therefore would have conditions in their employment that their work that was done while at work belongs not to them but to the university.

    If these Indian scientists have real brain these patents would have belonged to them outside of university structure not to the university but in a seperate vehicle and some percentage only to university and not 100% to univeristy .

    Reminds me of the speakers Bose all the time whenever I read such news. And that guy had brains and was a pioneer for not only USA and India but world but look at who owns the patents and who owns the company. He rewarded MIT through non voting shares and also made him do well. I could be wrong that Bose family does not own the company and patents but if it does... That is win win relationship. Another considertion is that USA university have excellent support and research infrasturcure that allows our peeps to do and develop excellent original stuff. But our peeps needs to learn and be aware that the thing between the ears is difficult to develop and infrastructure has many choices and options and not only education areas but private areas (look at silicon valley for example).

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