Indians joining British Army to beat Taliban !!

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    LONDON - Indians are now rushing to join the British Army to fight the Taliban.hey will be entitled to sign up as Commonwealth nationals.

    The current trend can be attributed to the recent threat of a Taliban victory in Afghanistan, which can have dangerous implications for Pakistan.

    Sharat S. Mulchandi, 18, from Karnataka, is undergoing army cadet training at home and plans to join a British infantry regiment when he flies into the UK.

    Almost 200 people died in 10 insurgents’ attacks on Mumbai in November 2008.

    “Pakistan is a breeding ground for terrorists, it’s dangerous for India. We will never forget what the fanatics did last year in Mumbai,” The Sunday Express quoted, him, as saying.

    Pakistan is reeling from a wave of attacks in the past 10 days, which killed 150.

    The Taliban threatened violence if Pakistan’s pro-US government did not cease operations near the Afghan border.

    In March, there were just 80 Indian nationals in the British Army. The total is expected to rise considerably when new figures are compiled. (ANI)

    Now, Indians joining British Army to beat Taliban
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    I doubt if they are really going to fight Taliban, rather I believe they are joining to get some benefits from British government may be like permanent residentship etc. Same thing is happening in US, where people who join Armed forces get citizenship within 6 months.

    11 Indians join US Army

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