Indians in national anthem record

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    Indians in national anthem record


    More than 100,000 Indians have sung the national anthem together in an attempt to break a world record which is currently held by Pakistan.

    Residents of Kanpur city gathered at a stadium to sing the anthem on Sunday in the presence of representatives from Guinness World Records.

    One of the representatives confirmed the size of the gathering.

    In October, Pakistan set the world record when 44,200 people sang the national anthem together in Lahore.

    A 14-member team from the Guinness World Records equipped with video cameras recorded the event at Kanpur's Green Park stadium, Rajesh Mehra, one of the representatives, told the BBC.

    "It was a gathering of over 100,000 people. We will submit our report to the Guinness World Records in a week and then they will formally make it public," he said.

    One of the event organisers Sumit Makhija said over 125,000 people eventually turned up to sing the anthem together - each participant wore a wrist band.

    A local citizens' group organised road shows and public meetings and visited schools and colleges to generate interest in the event. They also reached out through social networking sites and mobile phones.

    "We'd set a target of 100,000 people to break the Pakistan's world record but when over 125,000 people gathered we were forced to end the programme soon after the singing of the national anthem to avoid a stampede", he said.

    Rajesh Chandra, one of the participants at the event, said: "It was a proud moment for me to participate, beat Pakistan and set a world record".

    In October, Pakistan broke a previous record held by India when 15,243 people had gathered in Aurangabad in Maharashtra state to sing the national anthem together.

    BBC News - Indians in national anthem record
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