Indian tea regains popularity in Russia

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    The image of Indian tea has been restored and its popularity is increasingly rising as Russians now again have started liking the taste of Indian teas and buying more and more of the Indian brands. Source: PhotoXPress Thanks to a series of urgent measures recently taken by the Tea Board of India and the Indian Embassy in Moscow, to win back the Russian tea market from other major international players, the good reputation and popularity of Indian tea has once again been revived. This has been demonstrated by a significant increase in the tea exports to Russia from India in 2013, both in terms of quality and value. The revival of popularity of the Indian tea in Russia, became possible as a result of a series of key promotional programmes launched by the Tea Board of India under the chairmanship of M.G.V.K. Bhanu. These programmes aimed at restoring the “image of Indian Tea” in Russia, included public tea tasting, competitions and visits to tea growing areas, charity auction, publicity through social media and print media. In addition to this, the Tea Board has also been conducting “frequent and mass tea tasting and sampling” programmes during various festivals and events in Moscow and other regions of Russia. Indian tea videos, photographs and tea- related interesting stories were publicized through social media and YouTube. For example, at a charity auction held in Moscow, India’s Darjeeling Tea fetched the highest-ever record price of Rs 89,000 per kg of tea.

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    The need of the hour is to move beyond Tea to more value added goods which would increase exports from the knowledge sector,(Medical Devices,Engineering Goods, Light and Heavy Engineering, Auto etc).

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