Indian-Russian armies to conduct joint exercise

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    Indian-Russian armies to conduct joint exercise

    New Delhi: Indian Army personnel will participate in a war-game with their Russian counterparts in a joint exercise to be held close to Moscow's boundary with China and Mongolia next year to increase inter-operability between the two armies.

    The fourth round of INDRA series of army-to-army exercise between the two countries will be held next year in Russia. The decision was taken recently during discussions with a nine-member Russian delegation, Army officials said here today.

    The exercise will be conducted in 'Cheetah' training range in East Russia, close to Mongolia-China border, they said.

    The two sides have also decided to make INDRA series of joint army exercises an annual affair, which will be held alternatively in India and Russia, the officials said.

    So far India and Russia have conducted three rounds of INDRA exercises. The first such exercise was carried out in 2005 in Rajasthan, followed by Prshkov in Russia. The third exercise was conducted in Chaubattia in Kumaon hills some time back.

    The exercise is aimed at increasing the inter-operability and mutual understanding between the two armies. It is part of a wide spectrum of ongoing defence cooperation between the two countries, officials said.

    Decisions regarding the army unit which will participate in the exercise will be taken in due course of time, they said.

    During the past exercises both the countries have gained significantly with each other's experiences of anti-militancy and anti-terrorist operations in different terrains.

    The exercise aims at learning from each other's expertise in counter-terrorism in urban environment as both India and Russia have significant experience of anti-terrorism operations, officials said.

    Besides the army-to-army exchanges, the two countries have also conducted naval exercises under the INDRA series.


    Indian-Russian armies to conduct joint exercise

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