Indian prisoner in Pakistan was tortured to death!

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    An initial autopsy report on the death of Indian prisoner Chamel Singh has revealed that he was tortured prior to his demise, a report in the Express Tribune newspaper said on Monday. However, the Punjab government has rejected this report and a senior member of the cabinet has said that

    attempts were being made to politicise the issue.

    The report revealed that the autopsy was conducted by a medical board from Jinnah Hospital in Lahore about two months after Singh’s death.

    The autopsy was conducted on March 13, the same day Singh’s body was sent back to India.

    A doctor who had earlier treated Singh at the Jinnah Hospital privately told the paper that the prisoner was brought to the hospital after he fell unconscious, adding that his body bore signs of torture.

    An earlier report suggested that Chamel Singh had been attacked by jailer warders after he refused to move from a public area ahead of an inspection by a high government official.

    According to autoposy report, traces of four injuries were found on Singh’s body. A chemical report to ascertain the cause of death will take about two more weeks.

    Awais Sheikh, counsel for Indian prisoners in Pakistan, said he holds the Punjab home department and the interior ministry responsible for Singh’s death.

    Indian prisoner in Pakistan was tortured to death - Hindustan Times

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