Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi joins China's Weibo

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    Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi joins China's Weibo

    India's PM Narendra Modi has joined China's main microblogging service Weibo, gaining thousands of followers by the hour and plenty of comments too.

    In just five hours he amassed more than 20,000 followers, with more joining in.

    His first post read: "Hello China! Looking forward to interacting with Chinese friends through Weibo."

    Mr Modi, set to visit China this month, got mostly welcoming responses. But posts calling for India to return territory to China were also popular.

    Here are some of the themes that excited and exercised his new Chinese audience in the few hours his account has been in existence.

    'How are you Mr Modi?'

    Thousands posted welcoming messages for Mr Modi. Some invited him to visit their home provinces in China, while others expressed hope of greater Sino-Indian co-operation.

    "China and India are the countries that have the biggest influence in Asia and are fast developing nations. There is no reason why we can't advance together," wrote one user.

    Others took the opportunity to respond in English using the literal translation of the Chinese greeting "ni hao ma", which means "how are you?" and sometimes came out as "Are you OK?"

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    He will communicate through weibo in China as Twitter and Facebook are banned there.

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