Indian President’s Son Caught with Rs 1 Crore

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    An amount of Rs 1 crore has been seized from Raosaheb Shekhawat,Congress MLA and son of Indian President Pratibha Patil putting the Congress party in a tight spot.According to him, the amount that has been confiscated was meant for the distribution amongst the week and down trodden of society. The amount has been recovered by the state police from the bonnet of a car, in Amaravati District, in one of their night raids. Two people have been arrested in this connection, one of them being the driver of the car. The cash, recovered during night raids, was hidden in the bonnet of a car.
    “In the absence of any proper explanation, we have booked the two under Sections 41(1)(d) of CrPc (for possession of stolen property). We have informed the SEC and the Income Tax department as well,” said Police Commissioner of Amravati, Amitesh Kumar.
    “I had sought funds from the state Congress Committee for distributing them among 87 party candidates as most of them are women and poor. Accordingly, Rs. one crore was sent to me which was to be distributed at Rs. one lakh per candidate and the rest (of the money) was meant for the district Congress committee,” said Shekhawat. The Congress party has backed the claim of the amount being used for distribution to 87 candidates contesting in the Amaravati polls, who are from the financially weaker section.
    “We have been requesting the MPCC for the last four to five days to give us some money to fund the campaign of our party candidates. After that, we received a letter from the MPCC saying that it is making arrangements to send us money enough to pay Rs 1 lakh to party candidates. When the money was being brought, police intercepted the vehicle when there was no need for them to do so”.
    However, there are many who have not taken the matter lightly.NCP, the Congress ally in the Maharashtra state government is going ahead with the filing of a complaint to the state EC. They have also filed a complaint to the District Collector Rahul Mahiwal and Municipal N Navin Sona for stringent investigations.
    Opposition party BJP has alleged that the Congress party and Maharashtra Chief Minister is using the the amount for wooing voters ahead of the Municipal elections in Maharashtra to be held on 16 February. “This money has been distributed under orders of Prithviraj Chavan, his party ministers distributed the money, also distributed it in Zila Parishad elections, crores were distributed,” said BJP President Nitin Gadkari.
    “The seizure of Rs 1 crore is yet another instance of the Congress trying to win elections on the strength of money power. Local elections are on in Maharashtra, and the Congress has given in writing that the money was meant for its candidates. The BJP will file a complaint with the state election commission. The Congress has said R1 lakh each was meant for 87 Congress candidates and the remaining R13 lakh for the Congress. But not more than Rs 20,000 can be carried for a candidate. The matter should be thoroughly investigated,” said spokesperson for BJP Prakash Javadekar.
    Meera Sanyal, Country Executive of RBS says, “On the eve of the elections across Maharashtra, candidates often attempt to distribute alcohol and cash to sway voters.”

    Indian President’s Son Caught with Rs 1 Crore | IndiaWires
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    A very interesting story!

    But then this will die its own death and will be buried from memory.

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