Indian Official Touts Work On Nuclear Deterrent

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    India is well on its way to creating a minimum credible nuclear deterrent, a senior defense official says.

    “There is a huge amount of work going on toward creating a credible minimal deterrence to ensure our adversaries don’t take us by surprise. We are way up and ahead of what we need to do in protecting the country,” says Air Vice Marshal K.J. Mathews, commander-in-chief of Strategic Forces Command.

    SFC, established in 2003, operates independently and is responsible for India’s nuclear arsenal from preparation to delivery to the armed forces. The command also is tasked with the use of nuclear weapons under the eight-point nuclear doctrine, which is committed to no-first strike or use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear nations.

    The Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (Sipri) think tank says in its 2011 yearbook that India could have 80-110 nuclear warheads, up from 60-80 last year, while Pakistan may have increased its count from 70-90 to 90-110.

    “India and Pakistan continue to develop new ballistic and cruise missile systems capable of delivering nuclear weapons. They are also expanding their capacities to produce fissile material for military purposes,” the report says.

    Indian Official Touts Work On Nuclear Deterrent | AVIATION WEEK
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