Indian Navy's 'Hamla II' starts off

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    The two-day coastal security exercise 'Hamla II', a mock drill by the Indian Navy, Coast Guard, Marine police and various security wings, kicked off on Thursday covering the entire coast of Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu.

    The exercise involves role playing by security agencies as blue force and red forces. During the exercise, various kinds of terrorist attacks would be simulated at different sensitive establishments like ports, oil rigs and merchant vessels.

    During the two-day exercise, the security forces would test preparedness of security personnel at various establishments by attempting to intrude in the sensitive establishments, hijacking vessels, planting explosives and others, sources said.

    Hamla I was conducted by the Joint Force Command headquartered at Eastern Naval Command in December 2011. The government has set its sight on coastal security following the 26/11 attacks on Mumbai.

    The main aim of the mock drill is to test the preparedness of the security forces guarding the vast 7.500 km coastline of the country. Considering the vulnerability of the Andhra Pradesh coastline of 974 km in the nine districts, the security forces have been continuously conducting the mock drill for the past two years. The Andhra Pradesh coastline is dotted with 508 fishing villages, which have more than 30,000 fishing vessels of all kinds.

    Indian Navy's 'Hamla II' starts off - The Times of India
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