Indian Navy redefines roles post 26/11

Discussion in 'Military Multimedia' started by ejazr, Jan 2, 2011.

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    Although the Navy footage is impressive. It is unfortunate that the Navy is bogged down doing duties that the Coast guard should be doing.

    The Navy should be involved in power projection and extensding naval power but instead it has to do the job of the coast guard.
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    ^^ The ICG cannot be blamed man. Blame the Center for it. Navy is forced to do this stuff because ICG doesn't have that much equipment compared to what it should be having. Even the previous DG of ICG said this post 26/11 comparing ICG with Korean Coast Guard, who despite managing a tiny coastline have 4 times more resources than ours simply because MOD delayed the tenders for new fast attack boats and delays in supply Dhruv ALHs for surveillance since HAL is already loaded its facilities for supplying Army and IAF with them as well as exporting.

    It is MOD's mistake to clear more facilities and assembly lines for Dhruvs in order to fill the demand. Why blame the Coast Guard when they don't have enough equipment to use?

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