Indian man pleads guilty to blackmail in Australia

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    Indian man pleads guilty to blackmail in Australia
    Australia - 3 August 2011

    A 30 year old Indian man on Wednesday pleaded guilty to blackmail in an Australian court, for demanding money from a woman by pretending to be an immigration officer. Jasbir Singh pleaded guilty to one charge of blackmail in the Victorian County Court, 'Herald Sun' reported.

    In May 2009, Singh approached a 22 year old Indian woman in Melbourne, pretending he was an immigration officer. He made demands for money over several days, extorting USD 2200 by threatening her with deportation.

    Now he is seeking leniency because he fears deportation.

    Seeking a non custodial sentence for his client, lawyer David Gibson argued that Singh's fear of possible deportation would make any jail term harder on him than it would be for the average person.

    Judge Jane Campton said it was "perhaps common sense" for someone in Singh's position to be worried about deportation. Singh will be sentenced on August 12.

    Source: Press Trust Of India
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    Bloody scammers... and then we wonder why our image gets ruined. This guy should be imprisoned for next 10 years for doing such a cheap act. Threatening a college-age kid.... pathetic.
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    Akhand Bharat
    Young Pakistani man charged with blackmail and breach of family honour

    Dubai: A Pakistani student denied blackmailing his ex-girlfriend by allegedly saying that he would publish photos on Facebook of them kissing if she refused to resume their relationship after they broke up.

    Prosecutors charged the 21-year-old Pakistani student with blackmailing his 18-year-old Pakistani ex-girlfriend as well as threatening her father if he refused to allow them to marry.

    "No I am not guilty. I didn't do so," contended 21-year-old M.M. when he defended himself before the Dubai Court of First Instance on Tuesday.

    Prosecutors said the defendant threatened and blackmailed the girl, M.K., on her mobile phone via text messages.:pound::pound::pound::pound::pound::pound:

    Source: gulf news

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