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    Axe on HI after Stokes’ victory

    New Delhi: The battle between Suresh Kalmadi-backed Hockey India (HI) and the sports ministry intensified on Thursday, when the national federation was derecognised by the government.

    The sports ministry order came a few hours after 83-year-old Vidya Stokes was elected president of HI by an overwhelming majority. Supported by Kalmadi, Stokes humbled former India captain Pargat Singh by a margin of 41-21.

    Kalmadi’s influence over Indian sports was once again evident as all his candidates swept the long-awaited HI elections with no government observer being present to oversee the polls. Though the International Hockey Federation (FIH) vice president Antonio von Ondarza was present as an observer, HI conducted the polls as a private body.

    The post of general secretary went to Narendra Batra, who outclassed Arunachal Pradesh’s Gunjum Haider 44-18.

    Clearly unimpressed by huge margin of victories, the sports ministry, in a letter, said that HI’s subsequent refusal to abide by the government guidelines has made them liable for derecognition.

    Two days before elections, the ministry asked HI to explain why they should not be derecognised in the wake of the federation’s declaration before Delhi high court that it is a private body and would not follow the government guidelines, like age limits, for the polls.

    The government move looked a retaliatory one since the victory of Stokes-Batra combine was considered a defeat for the ministry, whose support for Pargat was not a well-kept secret in hockey circles.

    Pargat, after his defeat, blamed what he called as the result of “rotten system”.

    “I was trying to fight against the system but couldn’t beat it. As a sportsman I am not someone who loses heart. I will continue my crusade against people who are not allowing the game to improve,” he said.

    While allegations from Pargat camp about rampant tampering of voters’ list by the ruling group flew thick and fast, the unopposed election of Air India’s Ramesh Nambiar as the joint secretary raised many eyebrows. Charge-sheeted by the CBI in the ordinance factory board scam, Nambiar was behind bars for several weeks before he was granted bail.

    Batra, the newly elected secretary, said he had nothing to say on Nambiar’s election as an office bearer. “What can I say? He was nominated by Air India for the Annual General Meeting,” he said.

    Meanwhile, Ramesh Nambiar, resigned just after getting elected as joint secretary of HI, following controversy over his eligibility to contest the elections. He was one of the persons to be named in the CBI chargesheet in the Ordnance Factory Board scam. He was also arrested and spent several weeks in jail.

    Nambiar said, “I have offered to resign and I have already to sent my letter to president Stokes,” Nambiar told the media.
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    Vidya Stokes elected as Hockey India president

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    It is high time for us that we acknowledge that we lack sporting culture. We need to formulate new laws to keep these politicians out of our sports organizations. What ever we are achieving in sports is due to some individual brilliance. Govt should have new laws so that nobody can be elected as President/Jt. Secy for more than two terms. Currently majority of these sports organization are headed by politicians and they are running it like their own personal company. Accountability has no place in these organization.

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