Indian footprints emerging on Naval base attack

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    Indian footprints emerging
    Indian footprints emerging
    Shakeel Anjum

    Wednesday,May 25, 2011

    ISLAMABAD: The footprints of circumstantial evidence regarding the terrorist attack on the Mehran base clearly show the
    involvement of Indian
    intelligence agency, Research
    and Analysis Wing (RAW). Senior
    intelligence sources told The
    News that this was a joint
    venture, accomplished by RAW
    certainly with the consent of CIA
    and a group of al-Qaeda who
    are being used by the anti-
    Pakistan lobby.
    “Even at this very initial stage,
    the agencies engaged in the
    investigation of the attack have
    got hold of some concrete
    indications to prove the
    involvement of foreign hand in
    the debacle,” one source said.
    He said that it could easily be
    calculated who was the prime
    beneficiary of the shattering
    “The militants attacked the base
    and mainly targeted the P-3C
    Orion aircraft as they had
    instructions to destroy them,” he
    said, adding that it was on
    record that India had opposed
    the US provision of these aircraft
    to Pakistan.
    Another source said that the
    only major beneficiary of the
    annihilation of these planes was
    India as Pakistan has been
    deprived of one of its major
    assets.“It cannot be ascertained
    yet at this early stage whether
    Indian commandos were
    included in the attack squad or
    the terrorists were Chechens or
    Afghan activists of al-Qaeda,”
    the source said. “However,
    intelligence agencies have
    enough information that a group
    of al-Qaeda and Taliban got
    training in a base camp of RAW
    in Afghanistan from the Indian
    The source said that the agencies
    had informed the government
    about the joint activities of al-
    Qaeda and Indian forces in the
    base camp. It will be established
    soon that the plan of the attack
    was prepared in the RAW base
    camp in Afghanistan, he said.
    Dr Usman, one of the GHQ
    attackers, who was arrested
    during the counter operation,
    had disclosed during the
    investigation about his links with
    the Indian camp, the source said.
    On October 10, 2009, terrorists
    had attacked the Pakistan Army’s
    General Headquarters in
    Rawalpindi in a similar fashion,
    taking 42 people hostage,
    including several military officers.
    By the end of the day-long
    ordeal, nine gunmen, 11 soldiers
    and three hostages were dead.
    The attackers had their own
    communication system with
    separate frequency through
    which they were interlinked with
    each other, the source said.
    Why the attack group fought a
    pitched battle for 16 hours
    against the commandos and
    Rangers, the source said there
    were standing instructions for
    the personnel engaged in the
    operation to arrest at least one
    of the attackers alive. However,
    as the Pakistani forces trapped
    the attackers, they blew
    themselves up or shot
    themselves.” “They attackers
    were four in number, not six,”
    the source said and added that it
    was a wrong perception that two militants managed to escape
    from the airbase compound. He said that the compound was
    securely cordoned off.
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    Post this nonsense in jokes section.
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    now a completely new and hypernative cospiracy theory created by the pakistani media, which had created some very dreamy and fictional theory.
    Lol to them.

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    Yes sir,
    right on the way.
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    Pakistani dont, know how many attackers were their in first place, 4 or 6 or 10 or 15 or even 20, let them first make up their mind, as to how many were there, then point fingers at others.

    BTW other method is to have body count of people who have died in the attack subtract the security forces and those who have work at the secured compound and you will get number of dead terrorist.
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    The day is not far, when the Pakistanis look at their own shadow and suspect it could be an Indian agent following them.
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    here is the other gem .
    It was posted there but the link is not working.
    RAW, RAMA join hands
    with CIA to destabilise

    By Ahmad Jamal Nizami
    LAHORE - The ongoing
    tussle between the ISI and
    the CIA has intensified
    while the Indian, Israeli
    and Afghani secret
    agencies have stepped in
    to support the American
    secret service, raising
    concerns about possibility
    of more attacks on
    Pakistan’s military and
    other strategic

    In collaboration with the
    American CIA (Central
    Investigation Agency),
    Indian RAW (Research
    and Analysis Wing),
    Israel’s Mossad and
    Afghanistan’s RAMA
    (Research and Analysis
    Milli Afghan) have
    enhanced their activities in
    Pakistan in order to exert
    pressure on the ISI (Inter-
    services Intelligence).
    Intelligence sources are
    of the view that
    terrorist attack at the
    PNS Mehran base in
    Karachi is a part of this
    conspiracy and through
    it a message has been
    conveyed to the military
    leadership that more
    such attacks could be
    carried out if their
    conspirators’) agenda is
    not followed.
    A strong response from
    the ISI chief has dashed
    the India’s nefarious
    design of surgical strikes
    in Pakistan while China’s
    clear stance and
    expression of support for
    Pakistan has also played a
    pivotal role in this regard.

    Military experts are
    considering their options
    and ways to counter the
    new wave of terrorism.
    According to sources, a
    strong reaction came
    from the Pakistan military
    to US unilateral operation
    in Abbottabad on May 2
    in which Osama bin Laden
    was killed. Pakistan took
    certain stern measures
    like ban on visas for
    Americans and ordering
    some unwanted
    Americans to leave the
    country were taken,
    besides indicating that
    NATO supply lines might
    be severed if drone strikes
    were not stopped.
    Raymond Davis like secret
    contractors had started
    leaving Pakistan before
    US Senator John Kerry
    visited Islamabad.
    here is the working link
    RAW, RAMA join hands with CIA to destabilise Pakistan | Pakistan | News | Newspaper | Daily | English | Online
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    In next mission RAW should make the terrorists to take a few F-16 and bomb the shit outta their cities!!!
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    they have left Russian, French, British, and other countries intelligence agencies, these countries must be feeling that their agents are not working for what they are paid for.
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    Conspiracy theories: Is the hidden hand Indian, internal or existential? – The Express Tribune
    The questions and conspiracy
    theories about the well-
    executed attack on PNS
    Mehran have begun to
    circulate. But a look at
    existing patterns, threats and
    warning signs helps connect
    the dots.
    While other attacks have
    targeted military personnel, the
    PNS Mehran attack is different in
    that it directly targeted the P-3C
    Orion aircraft.“The attack has
    rendered the navy deaf and
    dumb,” said security analyst
    Ikram Sehgal. “The P-3C aircraft
    acts as the navy’s ears and eyes.
    There are three basic elements
    —anti-submarine warfare, radar
    capabilities and electronic
    According to the US Navy,
    “Originally designed as a land-
    based, long-range, anti-
    submarine warfare patrol
    aircraft, the P-3C’s mission has
    evolved in the late 1990s and
    early 21st century to include
    surveillance of the battle space,
    either at sea or over land.” The
    aircraft attacked on Sunday were
    inducted into the navy in June
    2010, as part of US military
    assistance to Pakistan. A press
    release at the time said that
    Pakistan Navy will receive eight
    P-3C aircraft by 2012.
    Why the navy?
    Pakistan’s armed forces have
    been under attack by militants
    for several years now, however
    the navy has rarely been
    targeted. In 2008, seven people
    were killed in a suicide attack at
    Lahore’s Naval War College. On
    December 1, 2009, a suicide
    bomber blew himself up at the
    naval headquarters in Islamabad.
    On April 26, 2011, four people
    were killed and 26 were injured
    in twin bomb blasts on naval
    buses in Karachi. Two days later,
    six people were killed and seven
    injured in another attack on a
    bus carrying naval personnel
    near the Karsaz base.“These
    were soft targets,” says Sehgal.
    “But it should have been
    questioned as to why technicians,
    who were going to and from the
    naval base, were being
    While Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan
    spokesperson Ehsanullah Ehsan
    claimed responsibility for the
    attack, Sehgal believes that the
    beneficiaries of Sunday’s attack
    are countries that have ‘had
    designs on Pakistan’, and that
    this had “India’s Research and
    Analysis Wing’s signature all over
    it”. He said it was “far fetched”
    to believe that the attack could
    be retribution for the Pakistan
    Navy’s role in Combined Task
    Force 151, an international anti-
    piracy fleet that was commanded
    by the Pakistan Navy earlier this
    Internal involvement
    The security of Pakistan’s military
    bases has been in question for
    several years now. The attack on
    the military’s general
    headquarters in Rawalpindi in
    2009 as well as frequent attacks
    on security check posts, bases
    and training centres is part of a
    pattern, both of infiltration of
    and radicalisation in the security
    forces, and the lack of adequate
    security measures.
    A precedent for involvement by
    military personnel exists.
    Investigation into an assassination
    attempt on former president
    General (retd) Pervez Musharraf
    found that the ammunition had
    been taken from a Pakistan Air
    Force (PAF) depot. Seven military
    officials— six of whom were
    from the air force — were
    convicted by a military court
    along with six civilians. According
    to a Dawn report in 2010,
    explosives used in the attacks on
    Karachi’s Abdullah Shah Ghazi
    shrine were ‘sophisticated
    military explosives’.
    A US embassy cable from 2006,
    which was released this month
    by WikiLeaks, highlights
    radicalisation in the air force. The
    cable quotes then-Deputy Chief
    of Air Staff for Operations Air
    Vice Marshal Khalid Chaudhry as
    saying that the airmen, most of
    who came from rural villages,
    were being radicalised by
    extremist clerics.
    The cable quotes Chaudhry as
    saying,“You can’t imagine what
    a hard time we have trying to get
    them to trim their beards.”
    The cable also reveals that
    Chaudhry claimed“to receive
    monthly reports of acts of petty
    sabotage, which he interpreted
    as an effort by extremists among
    the enlisted ranks to prevent PAF
    aircraft from being deployed in
    support of security operations in
    the Federally Administrated
    Tribal Areas along the Afghan
    Radicalisation in the security
    forces was highlighted earlier this
    year when Punjab Governor
    Salmaan Taseer was assassinated
    by a member of the Elite Force
    squad in Islamabad on January 4.
    A Los Angeles Times report in
    February highlighted the case of
    Zahid Manzoor Bajwa, a Punjab
    police official who had access to
    intelligence reports and is
    believed to have passed them on
    to the Taliban.
    The PNS Mehran attack would
    have also required significant
    surveillance, which militant
    organisations have been able to
    conduct in the past, given their
    success at attacking the military’s
    Rawalpindi headquarters and
    buildings belonging to the Inter-
    Services Intelligence, Federal
    Investigation Agency and the
    Crime Investigation Department.
    In the early 2000s, al Qaeda
    operatives had reportedly
    surveyed Karachi’s ports in
    preparation for a planned attack
    on the Strait of Hormuz and
    other ports used by the US Navy,
    according to the files of
    Guantanamo Bay detainees
    published by WikiLeaks.
    A unique experience
    A huge billboard outside the
    naval air force headquarters,
    which came under sustained
    attack for hours on Monday,
    says it all– “Pakistan Air Force
    Museum. Unique experience”.
    “If these people can just enter a
    military base like this, then how
    can any Pakistani feel safe?”
    asked Mazhar Iqbal, 28,
    engineering company
    administrator taking a lunch
    break in the shade outside the
    complex where a crowd had
    gathered on a patch of grass to
    watch journalists set up camp as
    much as anything
    He said he was from an insecure
    area of the city already infamous
    as a source of funding for
    militant groups.
    “The government and the army
    are just corrupt. We need new
    leaders with a vision for
    Moin Babar, 35, a technical
    engineer, said people were trying
    to understand how the militants
    made it inside.“I heard that 15
    went in through a sewer,” he
    said. Kamran Khalil, 48, a civil
    engineer, suggested, like many
    others, a conspiracy.“How can
    this happen? It’s taking them so
    long to resolve the issue. India or
    the CIA could have been behind
    this. They want to show that
    Pakistan forces are ineffective.”
    Many in Pakistan were furious
    with the US operation to kill Bin
    Laden without sharing any
    intelligence beforehand with
    Islamabad, which they saw as a
    severe breach of sovereignty.
    “This is all a reaction to
    American policy in Pakistan,” said
    Atif Ali, a 30-year-old
    construction worker, standing
    near one billboard advertising
    audio equipment in which a
    beautiful woman says“Let’s
    play” and another advertising
    with additional input by reuters
    Published in The Express Tribune,
    May 24th, 2011.
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    Next to you
    If its done by RAW then very well done , i am not denouncing this as a terrorist attack because it didnt kill innocent civilians in the marketplace or the hotel.

    The Indian state has been under Pakistan's proxy war since last two decades and if their go up and blow a couple of their navy fighters , then i wish finally somebody has woken up and listened to vast majority.

    This if done by RAW is welcome and this is what surgical strikes mean , lets hope RAW has done this , then the ISI will realize that they can be paid back next time they plan another Mumbai attack.

    Well done RAW even if we know how false this Pakistani claim is , yet we hope that it was RAW who did it.
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    pakistanis are resorting to conspiracy theories, well what is else is expected from nutty state
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    i wish RAW had executed this raid.

    if this was true i would treat everyone with beer and sausages FREE for a MONTH!
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    Bihar, BanGalore , India
    Good Job RAW . Way to go keep up the attack and lets destroy some F16's next time. Let them have taste of their own medicine.
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    What an damning and condemning evidence the Pakis have found. I think this should be enough to jail Man Mohan Singh and Sonia Gandhi at Rawalpindi prison. Please start the prisoners transport van and hand the culprits strait to Pakistan Army.:rolleyes:
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    First it was the US Stealth helicopters and now it is Indian stealth men!
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    Guys.this may be true.Because that is why RAW was created-external inteligence and surgical covert strike.If it is really done by RAW then we should be happy.
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