Indian foot prints on the surface of North Korean future

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    The death of influential North Korean leader recently has opened a plethora of possibilities.
    The possibilities of seeing a potentially different North Korea, which were unfounded till now.
    Things would never be the same as the new young leader of North Korea is not his father (this could mean worse or better, only time will tell). It is also anticipated that he would share power with the military.
    Now that the change brings a window of opportunity, where does India see itself fit in the picture of future North Korea? And what are its plans to reach there?
    Is India ready to make prompt moves and fetch a fresh start with the eastern neighbor of China?
    By the standards of genetic inhibition and inertia in Indian foreign policies, it would be a daring act.
    The MEA has lived up to its reputation of screwing up at basic application of imagination; by completely failing to respond at all to the strongest North Korean leader's death for 24 hours after it happened.
    Not connecting with those we consider bad, will eventually have us end up not dealing with anyone at all.
    What should India do, any thoughts ??

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    NOKOR has no friends even those feeding it and keeping its people alive are always bitten (China, USAID, JAPAN and SOKOR)... This is one thing that India must bear in mind before engaging with this dynastic country.
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    India’s relationship with DPRK is directly linked with its relationship with RoK, the US and Japan in particular, and to an extent the kind of relationship DPRK has with Pakistan and china.

    The present regime in RoK is hostile to DPRK and remains very sensitive to how the world deals with DPRK, and how they in turn should deal with such a country. The point to be remembered here is, within the Asian countries, RoK has been the biggest investor in India, quite a few companies look to make India their manufacturing hub for quite a few product range which in turn gets exported to across the world, our two way trade is headed for 25-30b usd mark in near future (around 2014), so while dealing with DPRK, RoK’s sensitivity will be paramount in the indian mind.

    Then you have the US. Our dealing with the US in the region has significantly increased, the whole SCS, Vietnam thing is being done through their backing, and in turn we are pushing them to engage more with countries like SL, Myanmar, but India will remain quite sensitive to what the US has to say on the matter.

    The third country important for us in the region is japan, and what they have to say on the matter.

    The good thing is, all these countries are looking to develop some sort of good relations with DPKR, all of them are talking about the 6 party negotiations to restart, and India does see a glimmer of hope where we can sneak in and develop good relations with the regime in DPRK. It is important to note, Indo-DPRK trade stands at 500m-800m usd, we have actively started handing out aid to DPRK, which means the 2 countries now enjoy some decently good relations, and India doesn’t have any bad impressions in the mindset of the 2 Koreas, on the contrary there remains a positive impression of India’s role which dates back to 1940s.

    But India’s future relations will depend on how the relations of RoK, US, and Japan evolve, but even if these countries will have it bad, India will make sure our relations dont turn sour as a result. We will like to keep be cordial and a definite working relationship, until and unless DPRK repeats the missile transfer to Pakistan.
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    kim jong un is supposed to be a pro-china model which mix communism with capitalism. in this case there are some hopes

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