Indian Firm, GD To Co-Produce Digital Displays

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    Indian Firm, GD To Co-Produce Digital Displays

    NEW DELHI — The Canadian arm of General Dynamics and India’s privately held Samtel Avionics have agreed to co-produce digital display systems for the Indian Army and GD.

    Samtel is eyeing the display market here for the Army, Navy and Air Force, which is estimated to be worth $90 million. The company aims to manufacture for General Dynamics a variety of displays for more than $15 million each year by 2015-16, a Samtel executive said.

    The Indian Army has a potential need for more than 15,000 displays for use aboard the Future Infantry Combat Vehicle, light armored multipurpose vehicles and upgraded infantry combat vehicles and for the upgrade of T-72 tanks, the Samtel executive said.

    Samtel Avionics is currently building cockpit displays for the Indian Air Force’s Russian-built Sukhoi MKI aircraft.

    Samtel and France’s Thales have a joint venture for manufacturing in India helmet-mounted sight and display systems, infrared search and tracking systems, and modern avionics systems for the Indian and export defense markets. The joint company is manufacturing displays for the Mirage 2000 upgrade that the Indian Air Force has contracted with Thales and is also preparing to supply displays for the winner of the $12 billion Medium Multirole Combat Aircraft project, in which French company Dassault’s Rafale is the selected aircraft.

    The Samtel-Thales joint venture was launched in 2008 with an equity capital of $12.5 million in which Samtel holds a 74 percent stake while Thales holds 26 percent.

    Indian Firm, GD To Co-Produce Digital Displays | Defense News |
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    Good news , any pictures and more details of the display system
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