Indian Expert:US Spurs China-India tensions

Discussion in 'China' started by longriver, Oct 30, 2009.

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    Comment on Brahma Chellaney's article in washingtontimes from Global Times forum.

    Brahma Chellaney, professor in the Center for Policy Research of India wrote an article to analyze the US factor in recent tensions between China an India. He started with the acknowledgement that these two countries has entered “choppy waters” because of a perceptible hardening in the Chinese stance, which he thought is “clearly tied to the new US-India strategic partnership” symbolized by the nuclear deal and deepening military coopertion.

    He said that Obama administration, although committed to promoting that strategic partnership, has been “reluctant” to take New Delhi’s side in any of its disputes with Beijing. China now becomes much strong when talking about the disputes between China and India.

    Surely India must hit back. The government has recently allowed the visit of Dalai Lama to tour Arunachal pradesh and annoucned to close door to Chinese workers who want to work on projects in India.

    Professor Chellaney concluded that Having declared that America's "most important bilateral relationship in the world" is with Beijing, the Obama team must caution China against crossing well-defined red lines or going against its self-touted gospel of China's "peaceful rise."

    Brahma Chellaney is professor of strategic studies at the independent, privately funded Center for Policy Research in New Delhi and the author of "Asian Juggernaut: The Rise of China, India and Japan" (HarperCollins 2006, with a new U.S. edition scheduled for release in January 2010).

    source:Washington Times - U.S. spurs China-India tensions
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    I believe Indian government knows this very well, they just want to use it from time to time to get some advantages, international relationships especially the one between big countries are far more than black and white, but a lot of our Indian members don't seem to understand this, they only believe in ideology, it's like they are still living in cold war.
    Relationship of India and China is not as bad as a lot Indian media trying to exagerate nor a lot of DFI Indian members would like to believe and is not as good as a lot Chinese who don't speak english willing to believe, it's somewhere in between.
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    I am afraid our Eastern Brothers have misread the Article. Chellaney blames the Chinese response to IndoUS ties for the rising tensions.

    @longriver: please post from the source ie Washington Times rather than Global Times.

    @ redragron: The author (whether wrongly or rightly) argues that the rising tensions have been triggered by the Chinese response to IndoUS ties. Please give specific counter arguments rather than rants.
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    U.S. spurs China-India tensions

    Discuss on this original article.


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