Indian doctors to assist Pakistani counterparts

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    KARACHI: Kidney transplants are an expensive surgical intervention for patients suffering from renal failure. With a dearth in expertise in the field in Pakistan, patients often have to travel abroad to avail the treatment. Dr Ziauddin Hospital, Karachi, and the Apollo Group of Hospitals, India, have taken the initiative to make the procedure far more accessible to the citizens. The Apollo Group is one of the largest of its kind in India, with over 6o facilities in various parts of the country. Under the programme, titled ‘Peace Clinic’, the two healthcare institutions will work together on cases of patients in need of kidney and liver transplants. The diagnosis and screening will be conducted by doctors at Ziauddin hospital, who will then discuss the case with experts at the Apollo Hospitals in India. For now, the two medical facilities have jointly set up a combined liver ward for pre- and post- transplant care at Ziauddin hospital. At this facility, the patients will be assessed for their transplant needs and then referred to India for the procedure, if necessary. The experts also plan to add an internet-based help facility for patients in addition to a telephone helpline. Speaking at the launching ceremony of the Peace Clinic, the Apollo Hospitals group medical director Prof Anupam Sibal said, “This programme will not only save money and time of the citizens of Karachi, but will also give them access to better health facilities.” He added that up till now, they had received approximately 540 cases of kidney and liver transplantation from Pakistan. “Each year, we receive around 100 to 140 cases from Pakistan.”

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    Peace Clinic: Indian doctors to assist Pakistani counterparts in transplant procedures – The Express Tribune

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    Yes ,I heard every year nearly hundreds of pakistani citizens come to india for liver/kidney treatement.And red cross society is providing funds for treatment those who cant afford .:namaste:

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