Indian Business Leaders Forum to form Mideast consortium

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    The Indian Business Leaders Forum (IBLF), formed recently under the aegis of the India Trade & Exhibition Centre (ITEC), today said it would soon form a consortium to focus on business opportunities in other markets such as the GCC and other MENA countries.

    It will also focus on investments into various states in India and invite one state from the country every alternate month to present investment options in the country, IBLF Interim President Sudesh Aggarwal said, while outlining the proposed initiatives of the Forum.

    Aggarwal said that the mission of IBLF will be to promote trade and investment with India and other GCC and MENA (West Asia and North Africa) countries and promote businesses.

    On the immediate action plan, Aggarwal said that the Board of IBLF would soon formalise its commitment to the initiative including drawing up its Charter.

    It would also formalise Board and Management Committees and replace the "Interim" President and the Vice-President through a process of consensus.

    Outlining the proposed activities of the Forum, Aggarwal said that IBLF would call on the Rulers of each Emirate in the UAE; work on establishing a permanent office at Burj Khalifa, the world's tallest tower.

    The Forum would interact with missions of MENA counties based in the UAE for promoting Indian investments in these countries and take high powered delegations.

    It would also invite Business Leaders from India to interact with IBLF members in the UAE.

    Indian Ambassador to the UAE M K Lokesh said that ITEC would serve as a catalyst in promoting trade and investments between India and the UAE.

    Welcoming the new initiative and assuring full support to the formation of IBLF Consul General of India Sanjay Varma said the Forum should first consolidate its position in the UAE by bringing in its fold all the business leaders of Indian origin and thereafter, in due course, it could venture out to other countries in the GCC and MENA countries.

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