Indian Ballistic Missile Defense System

Discussion in 'Strategic Forces' started by A.V., Feb 17, 2009.

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    What kind of reply is this man?
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    If he criticised China his entire family will be killed or sent to jail. Remember being a Chinese means being a pathetic slave to CCP . Let him live be merciful to Chinese.
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    Obviously, that is not reality. If you look at the world map, you will find that US mainland is far away from her major adversaries military basis, such as Russia and China. The only weapons both countries can use to strike US mainland is ICBM. The route of this kind strick is limited only 2: 1. Through arctic; 2. Cross Pacific. So, for these threats, US only deployed 2 landbase BMD in Alaska and Carlifornia.
    Meanwhile, after 70 years development, Americans have set up plenty of radars, sensors network all over the world. Also they can use their allies defense systems to detect, track and even destroy flying missiles. And their missile forces can threat the military, industrial and political centers with short range missiles.
    On the other hand, India is facing a completely different situation. Her enemies can hit her with short range missiles from every part of border. So, actually it is India has to defend large area with many more defense sites.

    Please provide some decent sources to support this.

    Americans can get at least 15 minutes warning time while India can only expect 3-5 minutes time.

    Considering the huge Himalayias, the closely deployed radar's capability will be limited. Besides, those radars near the border will be more vulnerable.

    Well, as I said, these Thaad radars are in South Korea, Japan land. The worst concequence of network failure is the destroyed KOREAN or JAPANESE bases or cities, not American's. And even after this, Chinese and Russian missiles are still have a long way to before they reach American homeland, on the way to their target, there are still lots of radar and SM.

    In the case of India, what is behind these radars, well, INDIA CITIES.

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